Solicitor (no real name known) is a weak Package Deal Psychic who works as a Hollywood talent agent. He's also a lawyer, licensed to practice both civil and criminal law in California and other 37 states. As of December 2006, his clients include Tansy Walcutt.

He's a Whateley alumnus and a total sleazeball. He's not the sort to take a "no" as an answer, and he's not at all happy when Fey decides to go with a different agent, but his machinations (in alliance with Solange and Hekate) come back to him threefold.[1]


Solicitor describes his powers in the following way:

Now, my skill at Whateley, if you catch my drift, was a very mild receptive empathy. A touch of Package Deal Psychic, but nothing to write home about. Not like people that I’m sure you hang with every day. No, my main talent is that of simpatico. I feel my people and feel for them.
My skills, like I say, give me a HUGE advantage. Why? I’ll tell you. A director wants a spot filled. He’s got an image in mind, a feel in his head. He’s good at directing, but not so good at describing. But I can feel him out, I know in a flash what he’s thinking, and faster than you can say Champion I’m there with a model or actress and she is flat-out perfect! The other agents hate it, but what can they do? I’m not cheating, I’m not manipulating, I’m just that good![1]


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