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Code Name Honorific First Name Surname Assoc Notes
A-Plus Annie Pollard Whateley 200x
Abracadabra Bethany Tarvetti Whateley 2011
Accelerator Whateley 2010
Ace Andy DeWitt Whateley 200x
Adamantine Whateley 20xx
Aggro Whateley 20xx
Akira Michael Parsons Whateley 2007
Al-Mahgrebi Grand Hall of Sinister Wisdom
Alabaster Whateley 20xx
Aladdin Computer genius, devisor
Alakazam Salima Al-Kazzan Whateley 2009
Alecto Whateley 20xx
Angel Mary Goodhope Whateley 2009
Whateley Teaching Assistant - Flight I
Anno Domani Whateley 2007
Antenna Brian Whateley 20xx
Anti-Champion Philo Finderbinder
Anti-Paladin Kurtz Grand Hall of Sinister Wisdom
Anvil Daveed Richmond Whateley 2009
Appaloosa Parsons Whateley 20xx
Aquamaster West Coast League
Aqueous Philip Gliese Whateley 20xx
Aquerna Anna Raquel Parsons Whateley 2010
Whateley Groundskeeping
Arachne Simone Bender Whateley 20xx
Arcane Whateley 2002
Arch-Fiend Wilbur Bunsen Children of the Night
Arianna Whateley 2007
Aries Arnold Harvey Whateley 2008
Armadillo Keith Whateley 20xx
Arte-fact Whateley 20xx
Ash Maximillian Carter Whateley 2010
Askey Whateley 20xx
Attributes Whateley 20xx
Aurora Cadet Crusaders
Designer Heroes
Automa-Tech Aldonsa "Donza" Theresa-Patrido De La Bosque y Galvan Whateley 2007
Axel Whateley 20xx
Aztecka Paloma Whateley 2009
Baba Yaga
Backdraft Officer Cat McQuiston Whateley Instructor - Ranges Deceased
Baker Jacob Baker Whateley 19xx
Baker's Dozen
Bang-Bang Mike Whateley 20xx
Banned Aids Kelly Donohugh Whateley 2007
Bannockburn Whateley 20xx
Baron Blitzen
Baron von Cosmos
Baron Z
Battery First City Irregulars Deceased; Fool's Fight
Beach Bunny West Coast League
Beacon Whateley 20xx
Beam Not a code name, short for Lightbeam.
Bearclaw Whateley 20xx
Bedlam Herbert Ladzig Presumed dead 1994
Bedlam Hassles Cape Squad
Behemoth Whateley 2010
Bell Witch Tvardovski Grand Hall of Sinister Wisdom
Belphegor Philip Blackadar Whateley 2010
Beltane Kendall `Belle´ Forbes Whateley 2008
Whateley Teaching Assistant - Principles of Magic
Bengal Whateley 20xx
Bete Noir Grand Hall of Sinister Wisdom
Bifrost Lornze Gottfrey Whateley 200x
Big Bertha
Big Motha Whateley 20xx
Big Man of Berlin Deceased
Bishop Brimstone Grand Hall of Sinister Wisdom
Black Diamond
Black Lion Active in the '60s
Black Magus Charles Picton Darrow
Black Stallion Tony Viddeo
Black Tiger
The Black Wraith
Blackblast Syndicate
Whateley Trustee
Blackjack Dragonslayers Deceased
Blacklight Whateley 2008
Blackrose Rosalyn Dekkard Whateley 2008
Bladedancer Chou Lee Whateley 2010
Blink Whateley xxxx
Blitz Whateley 20xx
Blood Madonna
Bloodwolf Whateley 20xx
Bloodworm Cecil Darling Whateley 20xx Deceased (for all intents and purposes)
Bloody Mary
Blot Richard Henry Whateley 20xx
Blotter Whateley 20xx
Blue Cyber-space alias
Blue Diamond
Blue Streak SPECTRUM
Bluejay Jay Blue Lake Whateley 2009
Bluescreen Alan Whateley 200x
Bogus Janos Boglavros Whateley 2009
Bomber Whateley 2008
Bombshell Barbara 'Barb' Sheldon Whateley 2010
Booker Whateley 20xx
Boudacia Erin Whateley 2008
Bova Whateley 20xx
Boxcars Whateley 20xx
Brainflash Atticus Martin Whateley 2009
Brainstorm Marco Superbad
Brandywine Shielders
Brava New York vigilante
Bravo Gregory 'Greg' Bravermann Whateley 2010 Styles himself "Captain Bravo"
Breaker Du Meng Kuang Whateley 2007
Britomart Betty Archard Whateley 2010
Bronco Jeff Whateley 2009
Whateley Facilities
Bronze Kevin/Casey Savage Whateley 2011 From the old bible; hasn't debuted officially yet (if she ever will, that is)
Bubble Wells Whateley 200x
Bugs Bunny Cormick Whateley 2010
The Builder Whateley renovation
Bullwinkle Baker's Dozen code name is really "Moose"
Bunker Buster Andrea Elsner Whateley 2010
Burner Jack Carroll Whateley 2007
Whateley Facilities
Buster Benjamin Torres Whateley 2009
Buttercup Whateley 20xx
Buzz Whateley 20xx Techno-Devil's minion
Buzzsaw Sensei Roberts Martial arts teacher in Phoenix AZ Mama's Boy
Caduceus Dr. Ophelia Tenent Whateley Instructor - Mystic Arts
Whateley Medical
Whateley 19xx
Cagliostro Mr. Harold Garrity Whateley House Father - Emerson Cottage - Founding Retired supervillain
Cagliostro Marcello Baldinato Whateley 20xx
Calculus Devisor
Captain Bravo see Bravo
Captain Canada! see Cerebrex
Captain Courage
Captain Courageous
Captain Patriot SPECTRUM
Captain Power Eddie Brysen Whateley 2010 This will be changed
Captain Quantum
Carapace Dai 'Derek' Kaiju Whateley 20xx
Carcelero Jacques la Fontain Empire City Guard Retired (or dead, left...)
Card Trick Valerie Hinson Whateley 2006
Sioux Falls League
Cardiac Kali Whateley xxxx
Carmilla Sara Waite Whateley 2010 The Kellith
Cascade Phillipa Whateley 2008
Cavalier Jean-Michel Cardan Whateley 2008
Cerebrex Alvin Cuthbert Whateley 20xx Styles himself 'Captain Canada!'
Chain Gang Whateley 20xx
Chain Lightning Dorjee 'David' Nawang Whateley 2009
Chaka Toni Chandler Whateley 2010
The Chaldean Grand Hall of Sinister Wisdom
Champion Harry Holbrook Chicago
Champion Jr.
Ted Trent Chicago Champion II
Champion Steve Briggs Whateley 1970 Champion III
Champion Wayne Sotherby Whateley 19xx Champion IV
Champion Whateley 19xx Champion V
Champion Whateley xxxx Champion VI
Chaney West Coast League
Chaosdancer Kristen Darken Whateley 2010
Charge Adelie Vitesse Whateley 2010
Charger Whateley 20xx Techno-Devil's minion
Charmer Primavera 'Vera' Villabianca Whateley 2010
Chat Bleu Whateley 20xx
Cheese Victor Alexander Maria Stieglitz-von Maas Whateley 2010
Chemtrail Prudence Tavori Whateley 2009
Chessmaster Whateley xxxx
Chimera Whateley 20xx Yin & Yang
Chopper Felonious Four
Chorale Whateley 2009
Chromatic Elwin Ferber
Chung Whateley 20xx
Chyna Syndrome Oxana Seattle Knights
Circuit Breaker Chad Wilson See Paige Donner, Petra Donner
Circuit Breaker Merry Candice Powell See Paige Donner, Petra Donner
Cirque Sherry Henderson Mystic Six Deceased
Cleaver Felonious Four
Clover Estelle Whateley 2012
Clu Cyber-space AI. See Blue
Cobalt Whateley 199x
Cobalt Gareth Whateley 20xx
Codemaster Nathaniel Whateley xxxx
Comet Queen Elizabeth Carson 3rd code name
Compiler Barbara Anne 'Babs' Younkle Whateley 20xx
Conduit Reece Whateley 20xx
Confundus Whateley 2008
Conjure Randa Van Dusen Whateley 2008
Converso Deceased
Coppertop Dragonslayers Deceased
Coreolis Whateley 20xx
Cornerback Whateley 20xx
Cornflower Debra Matson Whateley 2006
Sioux Falls League
Coronet Whateley 20xx
Corrosive Karen Whateley 20xx
Mr. Costigan Workshop overseer The Big Idea
Counterpoint Christopher Watson Whateley 2010
Creepy Whateley 20xx
Crimson Whateley 2008
Crimson Claw
Crimson Comet Cecile Whateley 2011
Crunch Whateley 20xx
Crush Whateley 20xx
Crustal Whateley 20xx Former Alpha
Crystal Woman
Crystalline Whateley 20xx
Cueball Whateley 20xx
Cuthbert John Fleetwood Seattle Knights Government contact
Cutlass Kayla Glupiek Whateley 20xx
Cyberbeast villain agent Mama's Boy
Cyber-Scarab Whateley 2006
Cybergeist Ernst Whateley 2008 deceased
Cyclone Larry Superbad
Cytherea Victoria Donovan Whateley 2009
Damballah Whateley 2009
Damper Bradley Kenner Whateley 2009
The Dark Avenger
Dark Claw Burt Steinmetz
Darkstrom Kilgareth-Donnehammer
Dash Alex Morgan Whateley 2008
Dashboard Bridgett Johnson Whateley 2007
Dave Superbad
Dazzle Sandi Whateley 20xx
Deadeye Whateley 2007
Death Ghost
Deathlist Syndicate
Deathmaiden Bio-Terrorist
Deimos Janine Whateley 20xx
Delta Spike Elaine Fleischer Whateley 2009
Demona Whateley 20xx Code name changed from Tool
Destry Whateley 20xx
Diamanta Whateley 20xx
Diamond St. Louis Five
Diamondback Sandra Carter Whateley 2010
Diamond Cutter Whateley 1985
Dimension Man
Dismiss Whateley 20xx Points to Trish
Diva Anna-Lize Derrascorra Whateley 2010
Diz Aster Desiderata Lopez Whateley 201x
Doctor see Dr.
Dominus Thomas Townsend Syndicate
Donner Pers Gundersson Whateley 2009
Doctor Alexander Dr. Clifford A.R. Alexander Whateley Administration - Headmaster - Founding
Dr. Amazing Dr. Amos Messing Amazing Three
Whateley Trustee
Dr. Arcane Simon Stevens Mrs. Carson's Ex.
Doctor Arcturus West Coast League
Dr. Bubonic Presumed dead or worse
Doctor Death
Doctor Deth Dr. Paine Deth ARC
Dr. Debt Used as English class example
Dr. Diabolik Leonides Daibliku
Dr. Heavy Lester Whateley 2010
Doctor Homunculus probably deceased
Dr. Merlin
Dr. Napalm
Dr. Photon
Dr. Pygmalion Serving 200 to life
Dr. Strega
Dr. Tenebros
Dr. Thunder Mary Heller Empire City Guard
Doctor Venus
Dragonball Whateley 20xx
Dragonrider Lindsey Fellows Whateley 2010
Dramatic Whateley Theatre
Dredz Charles Zander Whateley 2009
Duplex Theresa Solla Whateley 2009
Dupraeve Whateley 20xx Fled; Dupraeve may be code name or family name
Dynaman Boston Superhero
Dynamaxx Maximillian Dynsen Whateley 2009
Dynamo Steve Anders Empire City Guard
Earth Mother Mrs. Amanda Chulkris Whateley Instructor - Mystic Arts
Ebon Whateley 20xx
Ebon Flow Roy Whateley xxxx
Frozen in time
Ecto-tek Whateley 20xx
EEG freelance bodyguard Mama's Boy
El Calvo
El Monte Knight Los Angeles vigilante
El Penitente Jorge Cascardero New York vigilante
Eldritch Caitlin Bardue Whateley 20xx
Whateley Ranges
was Erik Mahren
Electric Spider New York vigilante
Electrode Jackie Warwick Whateley 2009
Emerald Avenger Shielders
Emperor Brainard ExoGlobe Empire
Entropy Fool's Fight
Envy Fina Valocco
Ergo Deceased, Australian, Gary's dad
Ergonomic Will Whateley 200x
Erlenmeyer Whateley 20xx
Eruption David Archer Whateley 2008
Escapement Whateley 20xx
Exo Tara Hardy Whateley 2010
Fade Hayley Kleisch Whateley 2008
Falcon Robert Turner Whateley 1986
STAR League
Familiar Whateley 20xx
Fantastico Bert Walker Jr. Whateley 2008
Farm Boy Whateley xxxx
Sioux Falls League
Farrago Keith Fairleigh Whateley 2009
Feral Erin Wynguard Whateley 2009
Ferret Ivor Lark Whateley 2009
Fertility Whateley 20xx
Whateley Groundskeeping
Fey Nikki Reilly Whateley 2010
Fire Forge Mary Nestle Whateley 2009
Fireball Alberta 'Alexis' Waldner Whateley 20xx Became Tisiphone
Firebrand Cadet Crusaders Deceased
Firecat Robert Shih Whateley 2008 Also known as Bobcat
Firefly Secretary Roland Atley Whateley 1981
Dept. Paranormal Affairs
Not publicly known as a mutant
Firelight Whateley 20xx
Firerose Deceased, Day of Remembrance
Firesnake Roger Estes Deceased
Firetrap Kilgareth-Donnehammer
Firewoman St. Louis Five
Fixx Gary Whateley 2007
Flashback Lisa Felder Mystic Six
Flashback Lisa Mainwaring Mystic Six
Flashbang Marie Schultz Whateley 20xx
Flashlight Mrs. Cherry Lee 'Cher' Wilson-Clymer CIA
Flashpoint Phil Superbad
Flatman Bruce Darling Whateley 20xx
Flayer Whateley 20xx
Flex Devaki Whateley 2010
Flicker Nancy Coolidge Whateley 2008
Fling Jack Rizeppi
Flower Child See Earth Mother
Flux Benny Hardew Whateley 2010
Flyboy Whateley 200x
Flying Bulldozer Whateley 19xx Example in English class
Flywire Buddy Coleman Whateley 20xx
Folder Patrick Ollie Stiles Whateley 20xx
Força Whateley 20xx
Force Bolt Whateley xxxx Trashed tunnels
Force-bolt Greg Whateley 198x Slew Paragon in rage
Foxfire Rebecca Corbin Whateley 20xx
Fracas Whateley 200x
Fractious Dee Castle Whateley 20xx
Frank Truman Phillips Whateley 2010
Free Wing Rachel Michaels Whateley 200x
Freeze Frame Naomi Anders Whateley 2009
Freight Train Whateley 20xx
Fresno West Coast League
Freya Friedeslinge Larssen Whateley 2006 Alpha Queen
Friar Rush Grand Hall of Sinister Wisdom
Froggy Baird Frobisher Whateley 2010
Frostbite 'Frosty' Whateley 2010 (Hawthorne)
Frostbite Whateley 2009 (Melville)
Fubar Louis Geintz Whateley 19xx
Whateley Instructor - Psychic Arts
Used to be Brainteaser
Fuzor Whateley 2006
F-X Thiago Silva Whateley 2010
F/X West Coast League
G-Force LeShawn Calhoun Whateley 2009
Gadget Helen Sue Sikeston Whateley 2007
Galaxy Alisha Whateley 20xx
Galaxy Girl Melinda Martin Amazing Three
Garafena Alberta Brianna `Bree´ Shephard Whateley 2010
Gargant Whateley 20xx
Gargoyle Deceased
Gasman First major mutant fight 1913(?)
Gateway Molly Harrington Whateley 2010
Gator Deceased
Gauntlet Tom Leszczynski Whateley 20xx
Gavotte Whateley 20xx
Geiger Whateley 20xx
Gem Kelly Whateley 20xx
Gemologist Jewelry thief in Sioux Falls
Generator Jade Sinclair Whateley 2010
Whateley Facilities
Geode Whateley xxxx
Geomancer Winnie Guthrie Whateley 2010
Ghost Boy Bernardo Hidalgerra Whateley 20xx
Giga-form Whateley 20xx
Gila Tyler Whateley 20xx
Gizmatic Emperor Joe Wilkins Whateley 197x
Gizmo Jack Duncan Whateley Instructor - Advanced Technologies
Glamorous Shannon Pruitt Whateley 20xx Dickinson fixer
Glass Darlene Whateley 20xx
Gleaner Whateley 19xx Deceased; Circe' apprentice
Glissade Karine Whateley 2009
Glitter April Madison Whateley 2009
Glock-Jock Whateley 20xx
Gloriana Gloria Everett Whateley 2007
Go-Go Juanita Havier Whateley 2009 Code name changed from Quickie
God's Messenger Martin Rockham Dragonslayers
Gold Stallion Jeff Carter Whateley 20xx
Golden Circle Whateley 19xx
Golden Girl Jayne Scramble Whateley 20xx
Golden Knight Calvin Bineman SPECTRUM Legacy hero identity
Golden Mandarin
Golden Scarab Atlanta Guardians
Goldrush Whateley 2007
Goodvibes Arwin Hochauser Whateley 2010 Styles himself "Dr. Goodvibes"
Gore Whateley 20xx
Gorgon Whateley 20xx
Gotterdammerung Adriane Reichs Whateley 20xx
Grabby Whateley 20xx
Granite Shelly Wells-Carson Whateley 20xx Mrs. Carson's daughter
Grapple Whateley 2008
Gravity Gun Eddie Superbad
Gray Guardian Whateley 20xx
Graywolf SPECTRUM Deceased
Greasy Adam Lambert Whateley 2010
The Green Ghost
Green Witch Karen Wickham SPECTRUM
Grenadier Whateley 2010
Grey Wizard or Gray Wizard
Gritty Faith Corcoran Whateley 20xx
Gryphon Carla Balducci Cadet Crusaders
Gundam Whateley 20xx
Gunkan Whateley 20xx
Gypsy Whateley 20xx
Hacker Felonious Four
Haematid Whateley 20xx
Hamper James Kenner Whateley 2009
Handler Baker's Dozen
Hardsell Tom Hershel Whateley 2008
Hardcase Stacy Whateley 20xx
Hardcharge Designer Heroes Deceased
Hardtack Whateley 200x Former Alpha
Harlequin Witch Deceased
Harpy Whateley 20xx
Harrier Whateley 200x
Hatamoto Ken Yagimura Whateley 20xx
Haywire Roland Voorhees Whateley 2009
Hazard Amelia Conroy-Xiao Whateley 2009
Hazmat Jerry Walsh Whateley 2009
Headrush Alicia Thacker Whateley 2010
Heartbreaker Eve Hilton Whateley 2008 Also called Edith
Heavyweight Empire City Guard
Heckel Michael Samson Whateley 19xx
Hekate Kallysta Thessellarean Whateley 2008
Children of the Night
Hekate's Master
Hela Whateley 20xx
Helix Whateley 20xx
The Hellfire Messiah
Herr Hair
Hexagon The Art of Being the Imp
Hexbreaker Michael Derzhavin Whateley 20xx
Hexette Suzanne Ware Whateley 2009
Hexmaster St. Michel du Chantraine
Heyoka Jamie Carson Whateley 2010
Hijacker Cpl. Erik Mahren Dragonslayers
Whateley Instructor - Ranges
See Eldritch
Hippolyta Whateley 2008
Hiroshi Thomas Harris Whateley 2009
Hive Adm. Samantha Everheart Whateley Security
Hoarder Tira Whateley 20xx
Holdout Darren Colm Whateley 200x
Hollywood West Coast League
Horrorshow Whateley 2009
Hotrod Mr. Melvin Donner Whateley Instructor - Advanced Technologies
Hydroflux Madelyn Wicker Whateley 2008
Hyper Whateley 2010
Ice-Cold Whateley 20xx
Icebreaker Cathy Martin Whateley 2009
Icer Matt Holloway Whateley 2008
"Icky Micky" Mickey McIlstine Whateley 20xx Real Codename unknown
Ideomotor Whateley Powers Theory Dept.
Igneous Whateley 20xx
Imminent Whateley 20xx
Imp Candice Kade freelance art thief The Art of Being the Imp
Imperious Jason Stratholm Whateley 2008
Incubus Larry Finson Whateley 2010
Interface Randy Welles Whateley 2009
The Iron Dragon Hua
Iron Mike
Iron Monger Dave Whateley 20xx
Iron Star Bobby Hastings Whateley 2009
The Iron Warlord
IronJack Cadet Crusaders
Brooklyn Sentinels
Jack Devil
Jacko Whateley 20xx
Jaunt Whateley 20xx
Jeckel Edward Samson Whateley 19xx
Jeepers Whateley 20xx
Jello Eleanor Ruskin Whateley 2009
Jericho Joseph Turner Whateley 2010
Whateley Medical
Jetspeed Whateley 20xx
Jetstream Whateley 2008
Jigsaw Emerson Whateley 20xx Thunderbird's brother
Jokester Whateley 20xx
Jolt Jamal Castle Whateley 2010
Journeyman Dyffud Harraz Whateley Instructor - Martial Arts
Whateley xxxx
JT "Jimmy T" Jimmy Trauger Whateley 2009
Judicator Elisabeth Maza Whateley 2009
Juice Whateley 20xx
Junkyard Empire City Guard
Juryrig Greta Whateley 20xx
Kaiju Sadhira Patel Whateley 2009
Kali Katerina Tanaka Whateley 2007
Kamuro Rhiannon Davies Whateley 2010
The Keeper
Kew Emily Anne Quenton Whateley 20xx
Keystone Reggie Michaels Whateley 2007
Killbot Deceased, but not acknowledged
The Killer Doll
Killstench Whateley 200x
Kismet Korrende Mitterand Whateley 2009
Kludge Ed Whateley 20xx
Knick-Knack Jean-Paul Alivares Whateley 2009
Knockoff Martina Hughes Whateley 2011 Mama's Boy
Koala Whateley 20xx Prefers to be called Spider
Kodiak Wyatt Cody Whateley 2007
Korrupt Grand Hall of Sinister Wisdom
Lady Astarte Elizabeth Carson 5th code name
Lady Champion Elizabeth Carson 2nd code name
Lady Darke Sandra K. Darden Whateley xxxx
Children of the Night
Lady Hydra Mrs. Ryan Whateley Instructor - Costume Design
Lady Jettatura Grand Hall of Sinister Wisdom
Lady Liberty Amy Tang Whateley 20xx
Lady Light Not a code name, Sara is using it as an example in her Pattern Theory lecture.
The Lamplighter Boston superhero
Lancer Hank Declan Whateley 2010
Laser Knight Brooklyn Sentinels
Lasertag Whateley 200x
Latchkey Whateley 200x In juvenile incarceration
Legbreaker Whateley 20xx
Legionnaire Empire City Guard
Lemure Simone Billings Whateley 2009
Less than Three Whateley 20xx
Leviathan Trevor Martin Whateley 20xx
Lieutenant Dom Lt. Cameron Dominguez Dragonslayers
Lifeline Maggie Vincent Whateley 2009
Lifter Whateley 20xx
Ligeia Whateley 20xx
Whateley Teaching Assistant - Sirens
Light Ling Whateley 20xx
Lightwave Zander Whateley 198x
STAR League
Lightweight Whateley 2010
Lilith Claire LaClavar Whateley 19xx
Linebacker Bill Willows Whateley 198x
STAR League
Link Slim Martin Whateley 20xx
Lioness Empire City Guard
Little Bee Horton Whateley 201x
Lone Gunman Whateley 20xx
Longhorn Dallas Defenders
Long John Whateley 2010
Loophole Elaine 'Doc' Nalley Whateley 2009
Whateley Teaching Assistant - The Prince
Lord Balefire
Lord Paramount Prince Vlad Brâncoveanu Whateley 19xx
Ruler of Wallachia
Whateley Trustee
Lorelei Rachel Robinson
Lovelace Whateley 20xx
Lugwrench Whateley 20xx
Luminaire Designer Heroes Deceased
Lupine Stella Woolfe Whateley 2010
Lycanthros Children of the Night
Lynx Whateley 200x
Mace Mason Sterling Whateley 2008
Mach-5 Jacob Thurston Whateley 19xx
The Machinist
Macrobiotic Sophia Ferris Whateley 20xx
Madam Millicent Millicent Wilkins
Madam Misraim Grand Hall of Sinister Wisdom
Madame Terror
Madskillz Whateley 20xx
Maelstrom James Diedrick in cryo-suspension at ARC
Mafic MCO
Maggot Whateley 20xx
Magma Strum Whateley 198x
STAR League
Magna Deceased. Australian, Gary's mom
Magni-Girl Steffi Zink Whateley 200x
Magno-Man Danial Tatum Empire City Guard
The Magus
Magwave Designer Heroes Deceased
Majestic June Summers Whateley 2008
Major Pain
Major Terror Legion of Terror
Major Threat
Major Upgrade Deceased
Make Whateley 20xx Expelled
Maledicta Whateley 20xx
Malus Lucius Jacobs Grand Hall of Sinister Wisdom
The Mamba
The Man-eater
Man-Mountain Brighton 'Brock' Simpson Amazing Three
Mandrake St. Louis Five
Manticore Lonny Clay Serial assassin
The Masked Nudist Forum Msg #16968
Mauler Tyler Reins Former KoP
Mechano Man Steve Tupolo Whateley 2010
Medley Whateley 20xx
Mega-Death Harvey Hastings Calloway Whateley 2008
Mega-Girl Marty 'Megs' Penn Whateley 2009
Megaera Whateley 20xx
Melodious Silvertongue Whateley 1987
Memo Whateley 2009
Mephisto the Mentalist Thomas Townsend See Dominus
Mesmer Whateley 20xx
Mezzo Janaína Ueda ‘Jana’ Loncarovik Whateley 2009
Whateley Food Service
Miasma Nate Lawrence Whateley 20xx
Michelangelo Gerald 'Stoner' Sturm Whateley 2010
Microcroft ARC
Midnight Clifford Maxwell Whateley House Father - Emerson Cottage
Migraine Romy Kumler Whateley 2009 Transferred to ARC
Mimeo Benjamin Victor Roberts Whateley 1970
Mindbird Dale Townsend Whateley 2008
Minefield Dunliff Whateley 2007
Minus Empire City Guard
Mirror Whateley 20xx
Mischief Melissa
Miss Champion Elizabeth Carson 1st code name
Miss Magic Shielders
Miss Magnificent Brooklyn Sentinels
Mister see Mr.
Miyet Corey Davis Whateley 2010
St. Louis Five (Honorary)
Möbius Bartholomew Clarence Whateley 2010
Mokele' Peter Smith Whateley 2008
MoleFinger Hector Moliere Whateley xxxx
Mongoose Rick Whateley 2007
Monkey King Sun Wu Kong
Monolith Savage Six
Montana Sebastian Terwilliger Whateley 2008
Moose 'Bullwinkle' Baker's Dozen
Mister Cool Brian Chupp Superbad
Mr. Mystic Nigel Pennyworth Whateley 2008
Mister Sticky Whateley xxxx
Mr. X Brooklyn Sentinels
Ms. Might Elizabeth Carson 4th code name
Mugwump Whateley 2010
Mujer Fuerte Los Conquistadores Deceased; went rogue after sex change attempt
Mule Dominic Sellers Whateley 2009
Multiplex Whateley 2006 Caught Nightfox
Prior user of code name.
Multiplex Tiffany Whateley 20xx
Murphy Joanne Gunnarson Whateley 2010
Musk Sue Kunque Whateley 20xx
Mystery Whateley 19xx
N'Dizi Hakim M'Shulla Whateley 2008
Nacht Katrina Margya Joszinya 'Kate' Twardowski Whateley 2009
Nahga Linda Kirkpatrick Whateley 2008 See note in character sheet.
Nantuko Whateley 20xx
Nasty Rod Amhurst Whateley 2008
Necro Whateley 20xx
The Necromancer Charles Picton Darrow Grand Hall of Sinister Wisdom
Children of the Night
Nefertari Atlanta Guardians
Negator Delwin Florian Whateley 2010
Nemesis Whateley 2010
Nephandus Jean-Armand St. Michel du Chantraine Whateley 2009
Nero Whateley 20xx
Neurox Whateley 19xx Section 33 case
Newt Whateley 20xx
Nex Cyril Huntley Whateley 2008
Night Ranger Brooklyn Sentinels
Nightbane Sarah Gardner Whateley 2009
Nightchylde Jill Cadet Crusaders
Nightfox Whateley 200x In juvenile incarceration
Nightgaunt Deceased. Killed by current Nightgaunt
Nightgaunt Eddie McKinnon Children of the Night
Nightlord Whateley 20xx
Nightshade Tatiana Markov Whateley 2007
Nimbus Syndicate
Nitro Clarence Whateley 20xx
Nobody Whateley 200x Deceased
Nucleic Dr. Igor Gellmar Whateley 1983
Nucleotide Dr. Heinrich Liebler
Nursing Laurie Whateley 2009
Oak Whateley 2010
Oiler Rick Howser Whateley 2007
Olympia Larisa Killikisaris Whateley 2010
OMAG Alexander Petrie Whateley 2010
Omega Alika Faletagola Whateley 2008
OUC12 Alex Chad's biological father, via hijacked DNA
Outback Avenger Australia
Overclock Whateley 20xx Expelled
Overload Renshaw Egerton Whateley 2009 'Stimpy' or 'Glitch'
Pachyderm Justice Brigade
Packrat Whateley 20xx
Paladin Empire City Guard
Palantir Irene Durcell Whateley 2011
The Palm Dr. Able Palm Deceased, translated into Cyberspace.
Panzer Whateley 20xx
Paparazzi Abigail Harrington Whateley 2008
Paragon Jan Stilton Whateley 198x Deceased, slain TG
Parallax Whateley 20xx
Pariah Whateley 20xx
Pater Tempus Grand Hall of Sinister Wisdom
Pearlescent Whateley 200x
Peccary Whateley 20xx
Peeper Whateley 2010
Pejuta Kayda Franks Whateley 2010 Ptesanwi
Pendragon Arthur Smith Whateley 2007
Peppercorn Whateley 200x
Peril Robbie Townshend Whateley 2007
Pestilence Ian Whateley 2010
Phalanx Whateley 20xx
Phase Ayla Goodkind Whateley 2010
Whateley Teaching Assistant - Business Accounting I-IV
Phesclangorenthal Amazing Three Hey, they're taking care of him.
Phlegm Whateley 20xx
Phlogiston Chris Whateley 19xx
Whateley Animal Care
Phobos Adrienne Whateley 20xx
Phoenixfire Ashley Strum Whateley 2009
Ping Pong Whateley 2005
Sioux Falls League
Pirate King
Plague Ethan Whateley 2009 That's 'P74gu3'
Plasmoid Whateley 20xx
Plastic Girl Jody Cooms Whateley 2009
Plus Empire City Guard
Pointer Felonious Four
Poise Whateley 2007
Polarstorm Shielders
Ponygirl Sted Lancaster Whateley 2010
Power Damsel
Power Lass Cadet Crusaders Retired
Power Pork Codename changed to Wrecking Ball
Powerhouse Whateley 2008
Premiere Whateley 2007
The Prionator
Prism Richard Mills Whateley 2010
Prison Bitch Jerry Mendez Dragonslayers
Pristine Christine Crosley Whateley 20xx
Professor Lachesis
Professor Reaper
Professor Ripper
Propaedeutic Whateley 200x
Psike Whateley 2007
Psydoe Trisha Whateley 2010
Psymod Mark Willows Whateley 2009
Pucelle Whateley 20xx
Punch Evvie Chambers Whateley 2010
Puppet Melissa Thurber-Goodkind Whateley 20xx
Pyrrhic Whateley 20xx
Pyrs Whateley 20xx
Pythia Althea Whateley 20xx
Quake Whateley 20xx
Quickie Whateley 2009 see Go-Go
Quarrel Whateley 200x
Quarterhorse Empire City Guard
Quickdraw Whateley 20xx
Quimbanda Deceased
Quyèn Nu Thi Linh Phan Whateley 2008
Rabbinic Whateley 20xx
Rack Whateley 20xx
Rascal Roger Barrington Whateley 200x
Ratz New York vigilante
Razorback Jack Carlyle Whateley 2009
Whateley Groundskeeping
Reach Harlan 'Harley' Sawyer Whateley 2010
Recam Whateley 20xx
Red Archer Susan Willows Whateley 198x
STAR League
Red Hand of Death
Red Thunder SPECTRUM
Red Wing Tucker Andrews Empire City Guard Deceased
Redlight Chet Tran Whateley 2010
Remis Whateley 20xx
Render Raymond Banks Whateley 2008
Residue Whateley 2008
Reverb Renae Griest Whateley 20xx
Rez Kenya McAllen Whateley 2010
Ribbon Alyss Morgan Whateley 20xx Starting Whateley Fall 2007
Ricochet Whateley 20xx
Ricou Whateley 20xx
Ringo Vincent Morse Whateley 2008
Riptide Elena Neva Natividad Amicella Lucita Obregon Whateley 2010
Risk Brandon Fellows Whateley 2010
Roadrunner Whateley 20xx
Rock-E Baker's Dozen
Rolodex Whateley 2006
Romeo Foxtrot Sioux Falls League Not an official MID Codename
Romulus Whateley 20xx
Rosethorn Romeo LaClavar Whateley 2009
Rotgrub Whateley 20xx
Roux Jacqueline Sanger Whateley 20xx
Rubberboy Cadet Crusaders
Designer Heroes
Rubik Devisor
Runestrong Whateley 2009
Sabbath Lorette Selk
Sahar Semiramis Vesmarran Whateley 2008
Saladin Sayyid ibn Assim ibn Thaqib al Hajj Whateley 2008
Sanctuary Rhiannon Warrensby Whateley 200x
Sapper Erzili Whateley 200x
Scalpel Whateley 20xx
Scarlet Knight Rev. Geoffrey Carstairs
Scintilla Whateley 20xx
Scramble Whateley 20xx
Scrambler Joanne Jackie 'JJ' Jendleschmidt Whateley 2010
Screech Whateley 20xx
Scythe Alamonte Whateley 20xx
Sectipede Jim Pearce Whateley 20xx
Seline Whateley 20xx
Selkie Heather O'Malley Whateley 20xx
Semiotic Whateley 200x
Seraphim Kerry Ellison Whateley 2010
Empire City Guard (Honorary)
The Serpent King
Setup Tatiana Hughes Whateley alumna Mama's Boy
Shadowdancer Lillian Deschamps Whateley 20xx
Shadowolf Sherman Worth Whateley 2010
Shaper Whateley 20xx
Sharpie Barry Linton Whateley 20xx
She-Beast Jadis Daibliku Whateley 2009
She-Bot Shirley Godwin Whateley 2009
Shimmer St. Louis Five
Shine Bobbie Earl Whateley 20xx Starting Whatelely Fall 2007
Shove Julia/Julie Krets Whateley 2009
Shrike Della Havelock Whateley 2008
Shroud Jinn Sinclair Whateley 2010
Whateley Facilities
Shuttle Whateley 2010
Silence Gina Haskins Whateley 20xx
Silhouette Whateley 20xx
Silo Tom Whateley 20xx
Whateley Facilities
Silver Sakti Chandrasekhar Whateley 2010
Silver Ghost Stacy Conrad SPECTRUM
Silver Rose Sylvia Litton Whateley 2009
Silver Serpent Laurel Hua Whateley 2008
Silver Wing Whateley 20xx Not Silverwing
Silvermoon Whateley 200x
Silverwing Clark Langston Whateley 2009
Sirrush Whateley 2007
Sizemax Pamela Henry Whateley 2009
Sizzle Darcy Dreyer Whateley 2009
Skids Ellen Tremain Whateley 2010
Skillset Whateley 20xx
Skinner Whateley 20xx
Skinwalker Scott Harrison Whateley 2010
Skipjack Whateley 20xx
Skybolt Elaine Schroepfer Whateley 2008 Transferred to ARC
Skyhawk Boston superhero
Slab Dean Lundy Whateley 2009
Slapdash Dale Carson Whateley 2009
Slapshot Whateley 20xx
Sledge Lafayette Powell Whateley 2009
Smoke Test Whateley 20xx
Snapshot Whateley 200x Deceased
Sneaky Pete Superbad
Solange Tansy Walcutt Whateley 2008
Soldier of Fortune Zander Whateley 198x
STAR League
Solvent Whateley 199x
Sonex Rafael Eagan Whateley 2008
Songbird Maria Contessa Elyssa Gomez y Ricardo Whateley 2006
Spade Whateley 20xx
Spandex Bobby Villemare Whateley 2008
Spark Genevieve 'Jenny' Etincelle Whateley 2010
Sparkler Sarah Lane Winslow Whateley 2006
The Specter DeVille Academy
Speed Queen Whateley xxxx
Boston Superhero
Speedstrike Whateley xxxx
Spellbinder Friday Coleman Whateley 2008
Spinner Whateley 20xx
Splendor Geneva Tipton Cadet Crusaders
Spoof Whateley 20xx
Spooky Wendy Soames Whateley 2010
Spotter Dr. Ryan Jacobs Whateley xxxx Works for Gabriella Guzman
Stalwart Paul Cambridge Whateley 2009
Starpower Gina Whateley 1970
Starstone Marla Superbad
Static Girl Claire Pierce Whateley 2008
Steeljack Deceased; MATD victim
Steph Stephanie Wilkins
Stiletto Whateley 20xx
Stinger Whateley 20xx
Stonebear Theo Waller Whateley 2009
Stoney Nathan Felder Mystic Six
Stony Nathan Mainwaring Mystic Six
Stony Whateley xxxx (Not a member of the Mystic Six)
Stopwatch Niles Ridgely Whateley 2009
Stormwolf Adam Ironknife Whateley 2008
Stratosphere Siblings Nathan Whateley 2009
Stratosphere Siblings Theresa Whateley 2010
Stratosphere Siblings Thomas Whateley 2009
Street Ranger New York vigilante
Strega Mrs. Valocco
Stretch Whateley 20xx
Strongarm Lakeson Whateley 20xx
Stronghold Stephen William 'Steve' Nalley Whateley 2010
Stunner Daphne Bosworth Whateley 2008
Stygian Michael Weatherson Whateley 2008
Suave Whateley 20xx
Succubus Whateley 20xx
Sunder Banks Render's father
Sunscreen West Coast League
Sunshine Kayleigh Dutchendorf Whateley 20xx
Superchick Misty Cooley Whateley 2009
Superhawk New York hero The Art of Being the Imp
Superior Marvin "MK" Uberman Whateley 20xx
Svipdag Deceased
Sweetheart Gwen Ingleside Whateley 2010
Swoop Whateley 2010
Swordmaiden Jillian Wilkinson Whateley 200x "Jilly"
Swordmaster Whateley 2008
Sylene Whateley 20xx
Synapse Marcus Crawford
Syndarian Grand Hall of Sinister Wisdom
Synergy Whateley 20xx
Systemic Whateley 20xx
Tabby Abigail Dunne Kitteridge Whateley 2009
Tabby Cat Tabitha Allen-Turner Whateley 198x
STAR League
Tagger Whateley 20xx
Talos Evangelos Geronyas Whateley 2009
Tangent Betsy Farnsworth Whateley 2008
Tarmac Whateley 2009
Taser Ginger Harris Whateley 20xx
Tawny Lorna SPECTRUM
Tearaway Frank? Presumed dead
Techno-Devil Malachi Daibliku Whateley 2010
Technocrat Whateley 2007
Techwolf Harry Wolfe Whateley 2010
Whateley Facilities
Tee-Kay Kravitz Whateley 20xx
Telomer Whateley 20xx
Tempest Sharisha Kincaid Whateley 2010
Tennyo Billie Wilson Whateley 2010
Whateley Library
Tesla Louise Whateley 2009
The Bastard
The Chaldean
The Don Sebastiano Lorenz Valensuera y Ramirez Whateley 2008
The Man Called Vengeance Larry Damone Whateley 20xx
Theophany Asmon Diaz Whateley 2008
Thorn Kevin O'Rourke Whateley 200x
Thrasher Nathan Thurston Whateley 2009
Threadbare Whateley 20xx
Thuban Stephen Cheng Lee Whateley 2009
Thunderbird Scott Emerson Whateley 2009
Thunderdrake Colin Whateley 2009
Thunderfox Diana Ritter Whateley 2008
Tidewater Marshall Scharf McClure Whateley 2007
Tiger Girl Cadet Crusaders
Timeless James Bourne Whateley 2010 Temporary codename
Tinkertrain Mandi Carter Whateley 20xx
Tin Man Dr. Langley Paulson Whateley Instructor - Advanced Technologies
Tinsnip Whateley 1996
Tisiphone Alberta 'Alexis' Waldner Whateley 20xx
Tomcat Whateley 20xx
Tool Whateley 20xx Codename changed to Demona
Tornado Empire City Guard
Torque Designer Heroes Deceased
Totem Charlie Lodgeman Mystic Six
Whateley Trustee
Whateley Supervisor
Tower Cadet Crusaders
Tracer Sean Collins Whateley 2008
Tractor Whateley xxxx
Sioux Falls League
Traduce Whateley 2007
Transect Dallas Defenders Deceased, killed in TG incident
Triaxial Jim Hewley Whateley 2007
Whateley Powers Theory Dept.
Triplicator Whateley staff or faculty? One of Setup's contacts in Mama's Boy
Troika Whateley 20xx
Troll Bride St. Michel du Chantraine
Truck Whateley 20xx
Tumbler Whateley 2007
Tweak Linda Fowler Whateley 2009 Rosethorn's ex
Twin Terrors
Twinkletoes Sioux Falls League
Ty West Tywyswyr Whateley Trustee
Ultramax Cadet Crusaders
Unbreakable Whateley 20xx
Unicorn Brenda Matherson Whateley 2008
Upgrade Whateley 20xx
Uproar Whateley 200x
Valkyrie Whateley 20xx
Valley Girl West Coast League
Vamp Alex O'Brien Whateley 2010
Children of the Night - Former
Vanity Girl Whateley xxxx
Sioux Falls League
Verdant Pilar Whateley 2010
Vipra Whateley 2009
Visio Whateley 2007
Vortex Whateley 20xx
Vox Vanessa Jackson Whateley 2010
Vulture Baker's Dozen
Wakanda Mariselle Whateley 2010
The Wall Chris Martin Whateley 2007
Whateley Facilities
Wallflower Lily Paige Turner Whateley 2009
Whateley Teaching Assistant - Flight I
Warfist Whateley 200x
Washout Mindy Whateley 200x
Weasel Larry Wilson Sr. CIA
Weaver Whateley 20xx
White Knight '50s and '60s Klansman.
White Streak
White Witch Heaven's Thunder
Whoosh Whateley 20xx Speedster
Wicked Dragonslayers Deceased
Widget Whateley 2009
Wiggle Whateley 20xx Points to Lucille
Wight Whateley 198x Deceased; Circe apprentice
Wildhammer Mrs. Lillian Dennon Whateley Instructor - Martial Arts
Wing Nut Chambers Windy City Guardians
Wingnut Whateley 200x
Winter Marian Kilgarren-Donnehammer Whateley 2009
Wish List Whateley 2006
Sioux Falls League
Witchcat Whateley 20xx
Wizard Albert Griffin Whateley 20xx
Wonderboy Cadet Crusaders
Worm Whateley 20xx
Worm Sgt. Byron White Dragonslayers
Wraith Whateley 2007
Wrecking Ball Codename changed from Power Pork
Wulfin the Purifier
Wundra Whateley 2006
Wunderkind Greta Whateley 20xx
Wyrd Whateley 2009
X-O Tara Hardy Whateley 2010
Yellow Queen Patricia Horton Whateley 200x
Zaiyan Whateley 2009
Zappaphage Whateley 20xx
Zenith Zoe Nesmith Whateley 2008
Zephyr Constance Mallory Whateley 200x
Zhong Lau Whateley 2009
Zip Whateley 20xx
Zoom Whateley 20xx
*!x Whateley 20xx Pronounced "Star-ix"
Tammy Aarrestad NEXT
Asst. D.A. Randolph Ackart New York City District Attorney's Office
Father Rico Aguilar Knights of the Church
Mr. Hakim Al-Feyez Whateley Instructor - Mystic Arts
Bishop Aldridge Knights of the Church
Dr. Elaine Allison Greg Goodkind's first shrink
Alworth Whateley 20xx
Major Amagata ARC Security
Isobel Anaelez Disappeared by the MCO
Ms. Gertrude Anders MCO
Mr. Kurt Anderson Whateley Instructor - Survival
Mr. Allen Anderson Brian Peters' science teacher
Andrews Goodkind Household Second butler
Andrews Whateley Security
Mr. Andrews Whateley Simulator Technician
Dr. Jean-Michael Aranis Whateley Powers Theory Dept.
Mrs. April Arendt Sex change
Dr. Peter Arendt MCO
Mr. Moishe Arkwright Goodkind International Deputy head of IT
Mr. Asterlitz Whateley Instructor - Advanced Technologies
Mr. Babage Whateley Instructor - Hacking Theory
Atty F. Yew Baddeley
Miss Baker CPS Topeka, KS
Colin Baker Mobility specialist
Dr. Joshua P. Baker Whateley Instructor - History - Dept. Head
Mr. Ballentine Whateley Facilities - Motor Pool
Ms. Claudia Banacrof Whateley Instructor - Mystic Arts
Gunnery Sgt. Oscar Bardue Whateley Instructor - Ranges
USMC (retired)
Mrs. Barnes Chez Diabolik
Fran Barnes Whateley 20xx
Whateley Groundskeeping
Chief Dan Bear Claws Rosebud Indian Reservation, South Dakota
Sensei Genevive Beaumont Whateley Instructor - Martial Arts
Lawrence Belko Humanity First!
Dr. Donna Bell ARC Carmilla's legal guardian
Mrs. Roberta Bell Whateley Instructor - Math
Officer Sidney Bellinger Whateley Security - Squad 3
Dr. Alfred Bellows Whateley Counselor
Benchley Whateley Instructor - English
Peter Benedict Crystal Wavers
Connor Betancourt Vatican Security
Sgt. Jim Billings L.A.N.R.L.U.N.M. Security
Belphoebe Blackadar-Wilkins Whateley 2010
Mrs. Bohn Whateley Instructor - Powers Lab
Tabatha Ericka Bolton Whateley 20xx
Boyarlie Whateley Security
Mrs. Boyce Whateley House Mother - Melville Cottage
Dr. Stephen Braeburn MCO See April Arendt
Mrs. Braithwaite Whateley Instructor - Home Economics
Officer Breen Whateley Security - Squad 4
Dr. Brentwood L.A.N.R.L.U.N.M.
Sgt. Brindisi Boston PD SWAT
Becky Brown Russel High School
Dozan Brozva Central European monster hunter
Dr. Dave Brunner Whateley Blood Bank
Cardinal Thomas Buckner Catholic Church - Holy Inquisition
Special Agent Douglas Burke FBI
Mr. Bumsfeld Whateley Instructor - Advanced Technologies
Major Burghoff OlymPYC
Kindra Burlington-Smythe
Linda Burlington-Smythe
Sgt. Major Sean Burlington-Smythe Whateley Instructor - Ranges
President George W. Bush US Government
Mr. Eugene Buttons Whateley Instructor - Flight
Admin. Sgt. Clay Buxton Whateley Security
Sgt. Byrd Santa Monica PD
Ms. Cantrel Whateley House Mother - Hawthorne Cottage
Det. Mike Caraza NYPD Paranormal Crimes Division
Atty Roberto Cardashio
Father John Carmody Catholic Church - St. Gregory's Parish
Prof. Gerald Carnes Whateley Instructor - Mystic Arts
Mr. Phelps Carruthers
Mrs. Elizabeth Carson Whateley Administration - Headmistress
Owen Carson
Dr. Carstaires Whateley Instructor - Psychic Arts
Debbie Carstairs Whateley Administration
Carter Goodkind Household Chauffeur
Mr. Caruthers ARC
Father Gabe Caruthers Knights of the Church
Officer John Caruthers Whateley Security
Les Chang Nick Reilly's school bully
Spencer Chase Mansfield
Bill Chilson Campers Dad
Calvin Chilson Campers Slipped and fell
John Chilson Campers Went for help
Mary Chilson Campers Mom
Troy Chilson Campers Stayed with Calvin
Bobby Christian Nick Reilly's school bully
Dr. Cho Whateley Medical - Hawthorne Cottage
Dani Choudhari Whateley 20xx Was Folder
Prof. Tejal Choudhari Whateley Instructor - Advanced Technologies Mrs. Metal
Suzan Chylds Russel High School
Whateley 20xx
Ms. Elaine Claire Whateley Administration - Student Services
Dr. Chris Clairmont Whateley Instructor - Advanced Technologies
Mr. Sean Clark Whateley Powers Theory Dept.
Sheriff RL Clarkson
Mr. Cohen Whateley Administration, Legal
Nathan Coleman ARC Ex-Sydney police detective
Asst. D.A. Pamela Collier Boston District Attorney's Office
Agent Stephen Collins MCO
PFC Colton Dragonslayers Deceased
Coltrain Whateley Security
Elise Coltraine Crystal Wavers
Lt. Samuel Conners Whateley Security
Susan Corbin Whateley 2006 Foxfire's sister
Corwell Whateley Security
Rupert Covington
Sgt. Craig Boston PD SWAT
Lionel Cranfield MCO
Dan Crawford FBI
Cruise Whateley Security
Charlie Cunningham Crystal Wavers
Arturo Mucro Cursor Knights of the Church
Officer Daniels Whateley Security - Squad 5
Officer Daniels Whateley Security - Squad 7
Father Peter Darcy Knights of the Church
Michelle D'aubigne Whateley xxxx
The Cunning
Signora Tessa De Luca The Cunning
Nonna Gracie degli Alberti The Cunning
Chief Franklin Delarose Whateley Security
Mrs. Deng Whateley House Mother - Melville Cottage Concierge
Charlie Denver "Disappeared" by MCO
Kimmy Descadara Baker's Dozen
Miss Devlin Whateley Instructor - English
Mrs. Devon Whateley Instructor - Civics
Diabolik see Daibliku
Atty Johnny Dickran
Mrs. Donner Medawihla Tribe Eloise' mother.
Ben Donner Medawihla Tribe
Eloise Donner Medawihla Tribe
Josephine 'Jo' Donner Whateley 2010
Medawihla Tribe
Paige Donner Whateley 2010
Medawihla Tribe
Knights of the Church
Formerly Circuit Breaker
Petra Donner Knights of the Church
Medawihla Tribe
Formerly Circuit Breaker
Lt. Buddy Doyle Boston PD SWAT
Mr. Dragomir Whateley Instructor - Advanced Technologies
Chef Marcel Duchamps Whateley Food Service
Mr. Duncan Whateley Facilities - Maintenance and Physical Plant
J. Parkinson Dunmore
Mr. Dunne Whateley House Father - Emerson Cottage
Dr. Edmundson L.A.N.R.L.U.N.M.
Deputy Administrator Harold "Hal" Eisenbach MCO
Mrs. Linda Ellison Seraphim's mother
Ray Ellison
Most Righteous Reverend Darren Englund Whateley Instructor - Comparative Religions
Whateley Trustee
Whateley Supervisor
Erickson Whateley Security Technical Support
Claire Evangeline Crystal Wavers
Sgt. Everest KCPD
Damien Faust Whateley 2007
Archibald Fenster Whateley 20xx
Danny Ferris
Dr. Cory Fielding invented Ultra-X-Amine
Mr. Filbert Whateley House Father - Twain Cottage
Donald Finklestein
Cardinal David Fitz-Hugh Knights of the Church
Sifu Chester Fitzgibbons Whateley Instructor - Martial Arts
Boyd Fleming Crystal Wavers
Principal Fletcher Nick Reilly's school Principal
Mr. Forrest Whateley House Father - Melville Cottage
Senior Lt. Colin Forsyth Whateley Security - Platoon 1
Foyle Holy G.H.O.S.T. Warper, involved in Mary Goodhope attempted abduction
Officer Franko Whateley Security
Bessy Franks Franks Family The Franks milk cow.
Pounce Danny Franks Franks Family Danica when in female form
Eddie Franks Whateley Security
June Franks Franks Family
Pete Franks Franks Family
Leigh Freund Cult of Kellith 'Friendly'
Mr. Allen Frisk CIA
Dr. Robert Fulsome ARC Director - Midwest Operations
Gaea The Earth Entity
Gamble Whateley Security
Dr. Garamond ARC Medical
Asst. D.A. Linus Garfield New York City District Attorney's Office
Kevin Garrett Whateley 20xx
Nurse Garrett Whateley Medical
Mr. Gastmyer Whateley Instructor - Boxing - Founder
Mr. Gillman
Mrs. Gillman
Josh Gillman Russel High School
Josie Gillman Whateley 2010
Melissa Gillman
Madre Giuseppe The Cunning Suzy's Mom
Susanna "Suzy" Giuseppe The Cunning
Prof. Glenn Whateley Instructor - Advanced Technologies
Morrie Goldberg Whateley Maintenance
Reverend Theodore Goodhope
Bruce Goodkind Goodkind International
Connie Goodkind
David Goodkind
Grace Goodkind
Heather Goodkind
Helen Goodkind Goodkind Research
Herbert Goodkind Knights of Purity
Paul Goodkind Goodkind International
Theodore Goodkind Goodkind International
Lt. Graber Boston PD SWAT
Mrs. Grant Whateley Instructor - Languages
Officer Joshua Green Whateley Security - Squad 7
Dr. Greenway L.A.N.R.L.U.N.M.
Lt. Gregory Boston PD SWAT
Officer Bradley Grimes Whateley Security - Squad 4
Ms. Elyzia Grimes Whateley Instructor - Mystic Arts
Dr. Guitterez Whateley Medical
Gabriella Guzman Whateley xxxx
Gyudon Gissha Yama Dojo
Sgt. Mike Hackitt Whateley Security - Squad 7
Ms. Suzannah Hagarty Whateley Instructor - Martial Arts for Fey
Halliwell Whateley Security
Dr. Emil Hammond Goodkind Research "Mutant Researcher"
Gian Han
Kevin Hanks Whateley Security
Harrington HPARC
Sgt. Harris Whateley Security - Squad 4
Dr. Amelia Hartford Whateley Administration - Assistant Headmistress
Whateley 19xx
Greta Harville Harville and Greer Associates
Sgt. Haskins US Air Force Fast Reaction Force
Officer Chet Haskins Whateley Security - Squad 3
Edward Haskins
Ms. Hastings Whateley Counselor
Alan Hastings Nick Reilly's school bully
Ollie Hatchel Whateley 20xx
Carolyn Hatfield Whateley 20xx
Special Agent Fritz Haustin MCO
Simon Hawke Whateley Crime Scene Investigation
Mrs. Sarah Hawkins Whateley Counselor
Dr. Katherine Hayes Whateley Counselor
He Xiangu Eight Immortals
Officer Helmann Boston PD SWAT
Dr. Henderson NEXT
Miss Marion Henderson Whateley Librarian
Dr. Hendricks Whateley Powers Theory Dept.
Mr. Hernandez Chez Diabolik
Dr. Richard Hewley Whateley Powers Theory Dept.
Hicks Whateley Security
Pvt. Higgins Whateley Security Deceased
Capt. Lawrence Hindle NYPD Paranormal Crimes Division
Leonard Hoag
Charlie Hockelheimer Whateley Groundskeeping
Mr. Hoffman Whateley 20xx
Mr. Hoffman L.A.N.R.L.U.N.M. Security (Magical) Wizard
Mrs. Angela Hollingberry Whateley House Mother - Whitman Cottage
Scott Hollings Brandon Franks' football rival
John Holman
Akemi Hori Whateley 20xx
Mrs. Bella Horton Whateley House Mother - Poe Cottage
Mrs. Hotchkiss Whateley Food Service
Skylar Howes Whateley 2008
Mrs. Hueng Whateley Instructor - Phys. Ed (Tennis)
Dr. Ingraham
Sensei Tatsuo Ito Whateley Instructor - Martial Arts
Jablonski Boston PD SWAT
Pvt. Jacobson L.A.N.R.L.U.N.M. Security
Dr. Cyrus Jacoby Knights of the Church
Rev. Jameson Vox's church
Field supervisor Carlos Jefferson MCO
Will Jenkins Brian Peters' classmate
Dr. Jennings Janet's employer
Senator Jennings Senator in/from South Dakota
Roberta Jennings MCO disappeared her (Kayda 1)
Willard Jenning NEXT CEO
Jimenez Whateley 20xx
Dr. Dave Johansson L.A.N.R.L.U.N.M. Medical
Officer Derek Johnson Whateley Security - Squad 6
Humanity First!
Dr. Johnson Whateley Instructor - Mathematics (Advanced and Theoretical) ARC-interned
Agent Roger Johnson MCO
Sara Johnson Wessington, SD MCO disappeared her (Kayda 1)
Det. Cleo Jones NYPD Paranormal Crimes Division
Harry Junzo Whateley Instructor - Martial Arts
D.A. Lee Kaltenborn Hamilton Co. OH District Attorney
Tetsuko Kasai Whateley Instructor - Martial Arts
Brother Keifhauser Catholic Church
Keller Holy G.H.O.S.T. Esper, involved in Mary Goodhope attempted abduction
Officer Jim Kelly New Hampshire State Police
Dr. Kemmel Whateley Powers Theory Dept. - Medical
Mr. Kennedy Whateley Instructor - History
Mrs. Kent Secretary
Officer Colin Kiehl Whateley Security - Platoon 3
Mr. King Whateley Instructor – Music
Richard Klein Humanity First!
Brenda Koshnick L.A.N.R.L.U.N.M. Human Resources GEO Lady Commander Kalisa
Jenny Lynn Kowalski Underage TG disappeared
Officer Kretch Whateley Security - Squad 4
Kwan Yin Buddhist Goddess
Inspector Kwan Whateley Instructor - Criminology
Signora Esta La Vorhis The Cunning
Regina Lambert Whateley 2010
Lan Caihe Ho Eight Immortals
Mr. Langford Whateley Instructor - Mystic Arts
Whateley xxxx
U. C. Berkeley
Lao Tzu
Terri Larson Whateley Counselor
Mrs. Anna Lasater Jared's foster mom
Mr. Jerry Lasater Jared's foster dad
Mr. Layton Whateley Instructor - Paranormal Law
Hal Lebrun Nutcase hanging around St. Gregory's in New York
Dr. Frank Lenston ARC Telepath Psychiatrist
Ted Levine Whateley Range Control Technician - Range 3
Mrs. Lewis Whateley Groundskeeping - Secretary
Lindon Whateley Security
Mrs. Linford Whateley Administration
Stan Lipscowycz Whateley Maintenance
Nurse Lipton Whateley Medical
Deputy Director Kenneth Loman MCO
Mr. Richard Lord Whateley Instructor - English
Lt. Mark Lyon L.A.N.R.L.U.N.M. Security
MacDougal Knights of the Church Deceased
Dr. Harold Malomer
General Thomas Manning US Air Force Fast Reaction Force
Mr. Randall Marley Whateley Instructor - Accounting
Marlow Goodkind Household Chauffeur
Agent Martin MCO
Dr. Martin Examines Kayda
Agent Marwood MCO
Ecila Mason
Biff Matherson Unicorn's brother
John Mathews NEXT Deceased
Officer Mark Mathews Whateley Security - Sensor Technician
Daikon Matoi Yama Dojo
Dr. Matthews Whateley Instructor - Science
Coach Maxwell Russel High School
Dorothy Maxwell Russel High School
Pauline Maxwell Whateley 200x Deceased
Leon Maynard Whateley 19xx Fey's first magic tutor
Sue McClellan Whateley 19xx
Whateley Facilities - Warehouse
Nurse Sally McCoy Whateley Medical
Officer Robin McGraw Whateley Security - Squad 2
Capt. McKinney L.A.N.R.L.U.N.M. Security
Robert McLarin Whateley Instructor - Flight Lab Scum.
Det. Ian McMahon NYPD Paranormal Crimes Division
Ms. Angela Merenis Whateley Instructor - Advanced Technologies
Lt. Merrill Santa Monica PD
Vance Merrill Whateley Facilities - Operations
Officer Merritt Whateley Security
Mr. Merrow Whateley Supervisor
Officer Metler Whateley Security - Squad 7
Dr. Michaels ARC - Psychiatrist
Officer Michaels Whateley Security - Squad 5
Officer Michaels Whateley Security - Squad 7
High Sorcerer Mifruzli Cult of Gothmog Deceased
Kyuri Mikoshi Yama Dojo
Mr. Kasuo Miyamoto Whateley Groundskeeping
Ms. Montaigne Whateley Instructor - Astral Arts
Very Reverend Zachariah Moon
Dan Moore Whateley Security
Rosalva 'Rose' Moretti The Cunning
Bull 'Bill' Morris Whateley Groundskeeping
Doc Morris Morris and Associates clinic, Phoenix AZ Mama's Boy
Morrison Whateley Security
Sgt. Moseley L.A.N.R.L.U.N.M. Security
Ms. Muller Whateley Medical
Sgt. Mulligan Santa Monica PD
Mrs. Nelson Whateley House Mother - Dickinson Cottage
Hillary Newman Whateley Powers Theory Dept.
Dr. Steven Nobel Endocrinologist, Mutant Physiology
Erzebet Novak Whateley 2010
Dr. Otto ARC Director - Red Section
Mr. Owens Whateley 20xx
Officer Owens Whateley Security
George Robbins Parker Whateley 1970
Mr. Ian Parker Whateley Instructor - Visual Arts
Dr. Candice Parsons Gracie's Doctor
Roy Pasternack Whateley Maintenance Deceased; Class X Tunnel
Colonel Pearson USMC, Commander M-SOC May also be MacPhearson
Sergeant Michael Penn NYPD
Mr. Dave Peters Brian Peters' dad
Mrs. Jennifer Peters Brian Peters' mom
Lindsey Anne Peters Brian Peters' younger sister
Cassandra Phelps Whateley 20xx
Mrs. Dinah Pierson Chez Diabolik
Poindexter Whateley 20xx
Dr. Polland Whateley Powers Theory Dept.
Mrs. Potter Whateley Supervisor
Dr. Powell Whateley Powers Research
Mr. Bill Pressman Whateley Instructor - Advanced Technologies
Preston Whateley 20xx
Proctor Whateley Security
Mr. Profitt Whateley Powers Research - Manifestation Theory & Practice
Madame Prudhomme Whateley Instructor - French
Officer Puretti NYPD Paranormal Crimes Division
Sergeant Quenedo ARC Bomb droid operator; 'Queny'
Dr. Filbert Quintain Whateley Instructor - Powers Theory
Konrad Radu Whateley 2010
Señor Ramirez Whateley Instructor - Spanish
Evan Ramsey
Officer Randall Whateley Security - Squad 4
Capt. Mitch Randall Syndicate, KC Branch
Pierce Randall Grand Hall of Sinister Wisdom
Mr. Randwick Whateley Instructor - History
Dr. Ted Rascomb Whateley Medical
Mr. Reilley Jared's father
Mrs. Lucinda 'Lucy' Reilly
Nicholas Reilly Sr. DARPA
Troy Reilly Nikki Reilly's brother
Peter Renaud DPA
Ileana Reyes
Mrs. Reynolds Whateley Instructor - Civics
Lt. Christian Reynolds Whateley Security - Platoon 2
Jim Reynolds Leads the first vigilantes to the Franks family farm
Dr. Wayne Reynolds Whateley Instructor - Advanced Genetics
Gus Rhinewold Whateley Security - Combat Rescue Squad Monster Squad
Heather Richards US Government Adviser for Magical Affairs
Capt. Richland Brunswick Naval Air Station
Richmond ARC Telepath
Amanda Riker Whateley Maintenance - Network Infrastructure
Mr. Robertson Whateley Instructor - Special Topics
Doc Robinson Brandon Franks' doctor
Julie Robinson Franks Family
Sensei Rogers Brian Peters' martial arts teacher
Miss Cecilia Rogers Whateley 2001
Whateley Instructor - Dance
Lisa Rogers Brian Peters' friend, Sensei Rogers daughter
Signora Flora Romano The Cunning
Officer Mike Rorke Whateley Security
Robert Rose Whateley 2010
Dr. Roskaft L.A.N.R.L.U.N.M.
Steve Rossiter Whateley 2008
Rutherford Whateley 20xx
Billy Samuals Brian Peters' school bully
Dr. Debbie Sams Whateley Crime Lab
Edie Sanchez Crystal Wavers
Henry Sanchez Russel High School
Suki Sanchez Channel 13 News, NYC
Sanderson Whateley Security
Unagi Sarumawashi Yama Dojo
Mrs. Trish Savage Whateley House Mother - Whitman Cottage
Senor Schmidt Whateley Instructor - Languages
Dr. Ernst Schmidt HPARC
Todd 'Ted' Schmidt Whateley Groundskeeping
Quinn Seabury "Rot"
Miss Seever Whateley Instructor - English
Mrs. Selkirk Whateley House Mother - Dickinson Cottage
Ross Seper Whateley 20xx
Mikan Shakatu Yama Dojo
Dr. Jared Shandy Whateley Powers Theory Dept.
Mr. Shane Whateley Instructor - Martial Arts - Team training
Mrs. Shugendo Whateley Administration - Dean of Students
Officer Simpkins Whateley Security - Squad 8
Bill Smith NEXT
Gene Smith Whateley Medical - EMT
Major Bert Spaulding Yashvilikov’s Mercenary Forces
Bishop Spengler Catholic Church New York Archdiocese
Valerie Sperry Whateley Administration - Secretary
Rick Standish WKRD Cincinnati radio shock jock
Ray Stanz Russel High School
Casey Steele Whateley 2008
Jonathan Steinberg Chilton Trevor's blind gamer friend
Nurse Jenny Sterling Whateley Medical
Richard Stern Shop teacher - Nick Reilly's school
Jennifer Stevens Whateley
Liz Stevens Whateley Instructor - English Dept.
Attorney Jim Stiles GEO Lord Vincint
Dr. Julie "Jewels" Stiles
Frank Stodge Nick Reilly's school bully
Miss Rebecca 'Becca' Stone Whateley Instructor - Mystic Arts Bladedancer's mentor
Janet Strom-Goodkind
Emily Strong Whateley Security - Documentation
Atty Alan Sugarbitz
Chris Summers ARC Telepath Psychiatrist
Buck Swift Whateley 2010 'Boy of Tomorrow'
Det. Janice Talbert NYPD Paranormal Crimes Division
Whateley Instructor - Paranormal Law
Sally Talbert's mother
Sally Talbert Whateley 20xx
Mrs. Jenny Taliesin Whateley 19xx
Galilee Bayside Surf and Rescue
Karen [Larry] Taliesin ARC(?) Hasn't enrolled at Whateley yet.
Richard Taliesin Galilee Bayside Surf and Rescue
Mrs. Aimee Tanaka Mystic Six Unknown code name
Columbine Tanaka
Dr. Eric Tanaka Mystic Six Unknown code name
Jessica Tanaka Sister of Kali
Mrs. Joyce Tanner Whateley Food Service
Sheriff Joshua Tate Taylor, ?? Set Chou up for Whateley
Mr. Herb Tellock Humanity First!
Dr. Raul Tenant Whateley Medical
Alice Tennyson Whateley 20xx
Dr. Roberta 'Bobbi' Terry Whateley xxxx
Maj. Thole L.A.N.R.L.U.N.M. Security
Jim Thorson Whateley Range Control Technician - Range 3
Prof. Emerson Thurwell Atlantic Heritage Society Deceased (?)
Capt. Edward Patrick Tilley Boston PD SWAT
Asst. D.A. Jason Timbrook New York City District Attorney's Office
Mrs. Tolliver Whateley House Mother - Emerson Cottage
Sensei Amanda Tolman Whateley Instructor - Martial Arts
Officer Tom Tomikz Whateley Security - Squad 5
Dr. Traekham Whateley Powers Theory Dept. - Medical Exams Dunwich Medical Practice
Dr. Hubert Traherne Whateley Powers Theory Dept. - Hawthorne Cottage
Dr. Martin Travis Nick Reilly's doctor
Officer Gary Trews Whateley Security - Squad 7
Lt. Simeon Trout Whateley Security - Platoon 3
Dr. Hazel Two Bears HPARC
Mr. Tyler Whateley 20xx
Officer Harry Vane Whateley Security
Officer Victor Whateley Security - Squad 3
Director Piet von der Geest MCO
Cassandra Wagner Whateley 2007
Ephraim Waite
Jeremy Walcutt
Janice Walters ARC Alias: see Sara Waite
Professor Wang Whateley Instructor - History - Asian
Dr. Melinda Warner NYPD Medical Examiner
Sgt. Webber Boston PD SWAT
Prof. Welch Whateley Instructor - Chemistry
Myron Westchester Whateley 20xx
Dr. Robert Westerley Goodkind Research Physicist
Sir Wallace Westmont Whateley Instructor - Mystic Arts Fey's magic tutor
Mrs. Westmore Santa Monica office of Children’s Services
Noah Whateley Whateley Academy Founder, original school
Gladys Wilkins
Prince Jobe Wilkins Whateley 2010
Larry Wilkins
Ralph Wilkins
Shane Wilkins
Officer Wilkinson Whateley Security - Squad 4
Williams Knights of the Church
Agent Williamson MCO
Mrs. Wilson Whateley House Mother - Dickinson Cottage - Founding
Joni Wilson See Jo Donner
Larry Wilson, Jr. CIA
Staff Sgt. Ryan Wilson Whateley Instructor - Ranges
"T-Bone" Wilson Thug in Philly
Thaddeus Bartlett Wilson CIA
Officer Winslow Whateley Security
Dr. Winkler Sioux Falls League Team Medic
Dr. Timothy Winslow Whateley Instructor - Advanced Technologies
Mrs. Ah Lam Wong Whateley Instructor - Martial Arts
Dr. Yablonski Whateley Instructor - Powers Lab - Assistant
Dr. Zalman Whateley Instructor - Physics
Dr. Frank Zappata CIA
Master Zheng
Dr. Paul Zinn Whateley Instructor - World Literature
Yale Professor of Literature
Alex St. Louis Five
Alicia Cult of Kellith Priestess
Amber Prentice Whateley 20xx
Amy The Cherry Bomb See Grace Goodkind
Chef André Whateley Food Service
Angelina Whateley 201x
Angelique Whateley 20xx
Antonio Knights of the Church Deceased
Arianna Whateley 2007
Aunghadhail Five Fold Court
Axel Whateley 20xx
Barb Superhero - Jennifer Peters' friend
Brother Bartholomew Knights of the Church
Basimah Whateley 20xx
Bennie MCO
Bert Whateley Academy Radio Station
Bethany The Cunning
Knights of the Church
Bill Whateley Simulator Technician
Bill Whateley 20xx
Blake Whateley 2008
Bob US Government National Security Adviser
Brenda Whateley 20xx
Brian Whateley Security - Sensor Technician
Bubba Whateley 20xx
C.J. Whateley Maintenance - Network Infrastructure
Carl Medawihla Tribe
Carl Black Mask
Carlie Whateley 20xx
Carmen Loophole's AI
Casey Whateley 20xx
Charles Whateley 20xx
Cheryl Brandon Franks' friend Cheerleader
Chris Whateley Powers Theory Dept. - Technician
Chris Whateley 20xx
Christina Whateley 2010
Chuck Whateley Simulator Technician
Cindy Medawihla Tribe
Circe Whateley Instructor - Mystic Arts
Cliff Whateley Groundskeeping
Cliff Whateley Simulator Technician
Constance Knights of the Church
Dani Whateley 20xx Not Dani Choudhari
Darren Whateley 20xx
Debbie Whateley 20xx
Don Sioux Falls League


Ed Whateley Facilities - Shuttle Driver
Ed Whateley Groundskeeping
Edie The Cherry Bomb Stripper
Emily Whateley 20xx
Emma Whateley 2010
Ernie Whateley Facilities - Hawthorne Cottage
Faustino The Cunning
Franky Whateley Groundskeeping
Gabriel Whateley 2010
Garrand Five-Fold Court Deceased; Leader of Werewolves
Gary Deceased; Ergo and Magna's son
George Superbad
Geri Whateley 2010
Ginger Whateley Student? Crystal Hall staff? Server lost due to Traduce' treatment of servers.
Glen Whateley 20xx
Goldie Whateley Simulator Technician
Grace Whateley 20xx
Gracie Superbad
Greg Whateley 197x
Greg Toni's friend
Harry Brandon Franks' friend
Henry Whateley Maintenance
Hermione Goodkind Household Sous-chef
Aunt Ida Franks Family Kayda and Danny's aunt
Igniarli Gateway's Salamandar
Jack First super Mimeo fights
Jack Galilee Bayside Surf and Rescue
Jack Whateley Simulator Technician
Janice Whateley 20xx
Javier Sioux Falls League Lab Tech
Jeff Whateley 2010
Jeff Yale 201x Paul Zinn's grad student
Jeff Whateley 20xx
Whateley Groundskeeping
Jennifer Whateley Groundskeeping
Jerry Brandon Franks' friend
JJ Brandon Franks' best friend
John Brian Peters' best friend
Josh Cult of Kellith
Julius Whateley 20xx
Kam ARC Telekinetic
Kandy Whateley 20xx
KC Whateley Simulator Technician
Kelly Whateley 20xx
Ken Whateley 20xx
Kenny Whateley 2010
Kerry ARC Medical
Kim DeVille Academy
Kitsunee Gives Tennyo Water of Memory
Koehnes Fey's handmaiden
Kristen Whateley 20xx
Larry Whateley 20xx
Larry Whateley Simulator Technician
Laura Whateley 20xx
Lazarus Knights of the Church
Leila Medawihla Tribe
Lissa Whateley 20xx
Grandma Little Doe Franks Family
Lucille Whateley 20xx
Maggie Doctor Martin's receptionist
Mai See Circuit Breaker
Maria Whateley Food Service
Mark Whateley Simulator Technician
Matt Whateley 197x
Melanie Whateley 2010
Mercy Knights of the Church Librarian
Miguel Cult of Kellith
Mirelle DeVille Academy
Molly Goodkind Household Upstairs maid
Mondo Whateley 20xx
Mulan DeVille Academy
Natalie Whateley Counselor's Offices - Secretary
Nicholas Whateley Mail room
Paloma Whateley Food Service
Paul CIA
Chef Peter Whateley Food Service
Pilar DeVille Academy
Rachael Whateley 2010
Raj Whateley 20xx
Chef Raoul Goodkind Household
Rich Brandon Franks' friend
Rider Knights of the Church
Robert Whateley 20xx
Ron Whateley 20xx
Royce Goodkind Labs Dr. Hammond's assisstant
Ryan Whateley 20xx
Rythax Five Fold Court
Sanjay DeVille Academy
Saul ARC Changed by Gothmog into Sally
Scott Toni's friend
Scott Whateley Simulator Technician
Shelly Scott Holling's gf
Skelly Brandon Franks' friend
Simon Whateley 20xx
Steff MCO Chicago
Sue Whateley 20xx
Susan DARPA Nicholas Reilly's Secretary
Tabitha Goodkind Household Maid
Tammy Whateley 200x
Teddy Whateley 2009
Teresa Goodkind Household maid
Terrance ARC Transport Warper
Tiffany See Grace Goodkind
Timothy Knights of the Church
Tina Whateley 2010
Tom Brandon Franks' friend
Tony Whateley Simulator Technician
Trish Whateley 2008
Vickie Whateley 2010
Vincent Whateley 2010
Vlad ARC Medical Friendly Phlebotomist
Walter ARC Security
Will Whateley 20xx
Willie Whateley 20xx
Yvonne Sioux Falls League Lab Tech
Zoe Whateley 20xx So I'm a Freak, Sue Me
Bravo Ten L.A.N.R.L.U.N.M. Security US Army