This table is organized first by Creature Name, secondly by Other names, and finally by First Appearance; these are the default sorts. By pressing the symbols in the top row you can have the list sorted by any field; you may need to scroll quite a ways down to see the items, many of them have blank fields, and blank fields sort first.

This list is of nonhuman creatures that don't necessarily fit in the other lists. Most of these are other planar, some are aliens. Some of the creatures will be on other lists.

For Characters that don't have a codename check the Sortable No Code Name Character Index. For characters by codename check the Sortable Code Name Index. For students see Sortable Current Student List.

Creature Name Other Names First Appearance Type
Aphrodite Cytherea Greek/Roman God
Apollo Prism Greek/Roman God
Ares Counterpoint Greek/Roman God
Artemis Feral Greek/Roman God
Athena Judicator Greek/Roman God
Aunghadhail Fey Queen of the Fey
Bast Egyptian God
BKCRMWDJVG Ayla and the Grinch (A Christmas Story) Demon
Caliban Astral being
Coyote Native American Spirit
Demon Lord of the Hell of Fiery Immersion Demon
Dionysus Unkown Greek/Roman God
Ghost in the furnace Demon
Gothmog Antonio Marques Dominguez GOO
Grizzly Loophole
Hades Stygian Greek/Roman God
Hephaestus Knick-Knack Greek/Roman God
Hera Majestic Greek/Roman God
Hermes Tracer Greek/Roman God
Igniarli Salamander
Jet Generator Manifested Spirit
Kellith Carmilla GOO
The Kodiak Wyatt Cody
Koehnes Earth Spirit
Mi-Go Alien
Nyarlathotep GOO
Phesclangorenthal Demon
Poseidon Unknown Greek/Roman God
Ptesanwi Native American
Pyramid entity Alien
Shoggoths Former GOO slave race
Shroud Jinn Manifested Spirit
Tatanka Native American Spirit
The Grove
The Scourge Tennyo
The Starstalker
Billie Wilson
The Tao
Thunderbird Heyoka Native American Spirit
Tywyswyr Ty West Alien
Unhcegila Demon
Unhcegila's Sons Demon
Wakan Tanka Native American Great Spirit
Ymir Norse Jötnar
Zeus Imperious Greek/Roman God

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