Advanced Technologies ProgramEdit

Main article: Advanced Technologies Program

The Advanced Technologies Program centers around the Workshops. Most of the program is individual projects that are registered with the instructors and then turned in for a grade. This is supplemented by standard courses in topics ranging from Physics through Biology that are needed for project work.

Mystic Arts ProgramEdit

Main article: Mystic Arts Program

This is the program for budding mages. The advanced classes are taught in a closed area: if you can find and open the door, you're allowed in. The program is headed by Circe. Yes, that Circe.

Psychic Arts ProgramEdit

Main article: Psychic Arts Program

There is a program for the Psychic Arts. The Mystic Arts and Psychic Arts departments have a rivalry that partially stems from their differing theories on how magic and psi are related.

Physical EducationEdit

Besides regular gym classes, Whateley offers a Martial Arts track and a Survival track. There are no inter-collegiate sports, nor are there regularly scheduled intramural sports. There are, however, cheerleaders. Go figure.

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