Friday Coleman, code name Spellbinder, is one of Hekate's two followers. One of Ayla's comments about Elite League's uniforms[1] indicates that she's probably not Exemplar beautiful.

Spellbinder is a slender, cute junior with (dyed) platinum blonde hair and a narrow, angular face. She's a WIZ-4 with some Esper too. Her specialities are Enchantments and Bindings.[2]

She's one of Hekate's two unidentified assistants at the spell involving Jinn that turned Tool into Dominique and Demona.[3]

She's also the person who helps Farrago with the plot against Team Kimba in Team Tactics by providing an invisibility charm, used to transport Stygian's sim suit[4], and she winds up as head of Elite League when Farrago is removed from the course.[5] It didn't last, though. Not because she wasn't smart enough, but she didn't have the knack for snap judgments that was required, she over-thought things.[6]

She was upset when the Panty Thief struck Melville, although it is not clear if this was on her own behalf or purely on behalf of Hekate.[7] As a result of this some feel she lives in Melville.



Winter 2007Edit


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