Stalwart (Paul Cambridge) is a very naive nice guy who likes to think of himself as a medieval knight errant -- or something. He's got a mechanical horse that breaks down[1], and speaks a variety of Shakespearean English. He seems to know the meaning of the word fear in an abstract sense, but appears to utterly lack that emotion himself.[2]


He is tall, well muscled, has gold and silver eyes[1] and shoulder-length golden blonde hair[3].


His first introduction is not promising; Nikki is not impressed![4]

He follows Fey and Tennyo when they go to The Grove.[5]

After saving Fey from an attack by Nex[6], he becomes Fey's boyfriend. Their first date is on different days in different stories.[7][1]

He attempts to rescue Delta Spike from one of her galvanomorphs, with shocking results.[3]

When Jericho and Razorback are preparing to go down with Counterpoint, he attempts to mediate, but when Imperious and Stygian join the lineup he states he'll come in on Jericho's side.[2]

He is mentioned in a number of other stories.[8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22]


He's a gadgeteer.[3]


Fall 2006Edit


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