Born Claire Pierce, in 1990 in Livermore, California.[1] While not outright stated, circumstantial evidence supports her being a member of the class of 2008.[1]


Static Girl is one of the Thornies that Team Kimba had to help out during their detention. She generates a high-voltage static field in and around herself, which can't be contained or drained off without harming her. Her room is shock-proofed, and has a 'draining' cable that is used to ground the static charge out of things.[1]

Before her mutation, she wanted to grow up to be a medical doctor, though that is sadly near-impossible now.[1] Both of her parents are worried that their jobs as high-energy physicists caused her mutation.[1]


She was maybe 5’3”, so she was a couple inches taller than I was. She looked like a junior, but she wasn’t wearing any makeup, like a lot of the junior and senior girls were doing. And she could use the help. She had plain brown eyes, in a face that was somewhere between ‘plain as mud’ and ‘kind of cute’. Her chestnut brown hair was almost as short as mine, but it stood out like the quills of a porcupine.[1]


Claire constantly generates a high voltage static-electric charge within and around her body, causing anyone near her to get a dangerous shock. She cannot turn off or control this field, and if the charge in her body ever drops below 6 million volts, she passes out. She once went into a coma because of passing out on a grounded grate, and would have died if her body's charge hadn't melted the pipe doing the grounding.[1]


Claire used to visit with Puppet, until her static charge knocked out Puppet's life support. Thanks to an idea from Ayla, they can now use the remote-classroom equipment to chat.[1]

Ayla has been tutoring her in math, bringing her Algebra skills up to spec so she can learn her Trig properly; and it's not just a detention thing, Ayla keeps stopping by to visit and tutor![2]

Claire was, of course, one of the victims of the infamous Panty Thief incident, losing a pair of sheer black lace panties.[3]


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  • Mother and Father, who both work as high energy physicists at Sandia National Labs.[1]


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