Adam Ironknife, codename Stormwolf, is leader of the Wild Pack.

Adam is a handsome 6’ 2” tall Native American, and Ayla considers him "the straightest straight arrow since the first Champion"[1]. At some point Hekate tried to turn him into a monster wolf, but her spell, which among other things required a substantial sacrifice to a minor demon, failed without any apparent effect on him and destroyed a valuable spellbook in the backlash.[2][3] He is of the Ute tribe, and is member of the Native American group The Nations, but until recently hasn't attended meetings because they are boring.[4]


An armored bodysuit with blue trim and a stylized ‘wolf’ helmet.[5]


Stormwolf is an exemplar-7.[6] He is also an Energizer able to use wind to send an opponent flying or to fly himself.


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