Stunner (Daphne Bosworth) is a student at Whateley Academy and a member of the Tigers. She's from Liverpool, England.[1] Somehow, she knows Basque.[2]

During her sophomore year, she applied for membership in the Cape Squad, but ran into personal friction with some members and left the group. There's suspicions that those were deliberately exacerbated by Freya. During the period that she was with the Capes, she was attacked by Bedlam, but not since she left the group.[1]

She was talking with Phase when the Alpha Hit Squad made their second strike, the one where Ayla took them out. She made a wonderful witness.[3]

She is that seeming impossibility, a reasonable Tiger. She desires that Chaka join the Tigers, that another voice of reason may be heard. Not only does she have non-Tiger friends, some of them are non-African descended (such as Phase).


Stunner is an energizer and can stun people with a zap that directly affects the nervous system. She is also an exemplar.[1] Ayla thinks she's a real stunner, too.




Fall 2006Edit


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