Stygian (Michael Weatherson) is Pluto/Hades, and is one of the New Olympians. See the New Olympian page for the general description that applies to all of them.

He resides in Melville Cottage.[1]

Original seed information


Pluto, lord of the underworld and ruler of the dead, of all the gods of Olympus, he has lost the most; his land, his power and most importantly, his wife who remains trapped by the wardstone at Mt. Olympus. Tired of existing without his beloved, Pluto has begun a permanent merge with the soul of Michael Weatherson. Follows Imperious mainly because he doesn’t care and his one-time brother’s cause is as good as any.


18 as of Fall 2006. Weighting 153 lbs at 6' 1" he is thin and undernourished. He has black, limp and stringy hair, a gaunt and sallow-skinned face and solid black eyes.


Stygian is able to summon ‘specters’ of the dead, both willingly and involuntarily, by sensing the deaths ‘attached’ to a persons mind. Whether the summoned creature is the actual ‘spirit’ of the deceased is unknown, but each specter has shown a disturbing amount of knowledge, though only in areas where they relate to the other. Michael can force his will on every specter called forth, but most of the time, they willingly obey him. Note: At least two specters are with him always, ensuring he takes some semblance of care of himself. (Man-4cz, Esp-2)

End seed information


Winter 2007Edit


Stygian is with Imperious when they attempt to get Eldritch under their control. Eldritch appears immune to all but the last summoned ghost.[2]

Stygian attempted to have Tennyo destroy him.[3][4]


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