Tabby (Abigail Dunne Kitteridge) is a member of the Golden Kids[1] and the Ninjas[2]. She is also one of the San Francisco Kitteridges.[1] She's a member of the Class of 2009.


She is slender, a few inches over five feet tall, has gingery hair cut in an expensive style, a triangular face and bright green eyes.[1]


She's a shifter.

Abigal ‘Tabby’ Kitteridge asked, tensing for her shift from her default human form to her faster, stronger and more deadly feline demi-human form.[2]


She's one of the Golden Kids, she shows up at the meetings, natch.[1][3]

She gets asked to host a meeting of the Golden Kids.[4] It'll be the February 2007 meeting.[5] Following the January meeting she met with Ayla's crew to discuss working for her in February.[6]

She's chatting with Rez, Chaka, and Aquerna when Belphegor's trap goes into "Summon Chaka" mode. She suggests they Do Something to Belfatso.[7][8]

Ayla mentions her while discussing his upcoming birthday party; she's one of the invitees.[9]

Boston. She goes to Boston. With Ayla Goodkind. For a simple party.[10] NOT! She and Mega-Girl tag teamed the two who were lining up on Jericho.[11]



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