Ginger Harris, code name Taser[1], is one of the core members of the Whateley Martial Arts Cheerleaders[2].


She has red hair and is fairly attractive.[3][4]


Taser is an energizer[1], being able to generate sparks from her hands.[3]


Ginger is involved in the abduction and attempted sacrifice of Sara Waite following Sara's defense of Jade.[5]

Following the abduction, Ginger shares detention with the other Cheerleaders, doing laundry for the football squad.[6]

Nephandus attempts to have his wicked ways with Taser, having promised her a Shrimp dinner.[1]

The Pyramid of Power is demonstrated.[2]

Phase raids Ginger's chest in the Crystal Hall.[4]

She and Dynamaxx went on a date at one point - he later said "she was an interesting conversationalist, and refreshingly honest after dinner."[7]


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