Tatsuo/Tetsuo Ito, known as Ito-sensei to his students, is the primary teacher of Martial Arts at Whateley Academy. He is an extremely experienced martial artist, a Hanshi (a senior expert, or "teacher of teachers"[1]) in the shin-shin toitsu school of Aikido[2] before developing his own style based on the tenets of Aikido that is specifically designed to work with and against most mutant abilities, without causing undue collateral damage or harm.


Ito is the head of the Academy's Martial Arts programs, and the instructor of most of the pure martial arts classes. He is primarily a practitioner of Aikido and his own style based on Aikido, prefering a mix of non-damaging, redirecting moves with avoidance and some hard strikes, believing that is the most appropriate style to teach empowered individuals. He is hard but fair on his students, earning himself the private nickname of 'Evil Old Man' from more than one of them due to his penchant for setting up incredibly mis-matched sparring matches.


Wizened and small, Ito is the classic 'Mr. Miyagi' martial arts master, wise according to his years and capable of beating the crap out of any opponent despite his seeming frailty.




Ito is usually found wearing his Aikido Gi, specially reinforced of course. It is unknown whether or not he carries actual holdouts, but considering his experience in the Martial Arts and the fact that he regularly deals with superpowered beings, it isn't unlikely. He once used some form of flash grenade in a demonstration.[2] He isn't averse to using conventional firearms, either, having been 'cured' of that prejudice when Gunny Bardue got the drop on him in a spar with splat-caps from a .45.[3]