It’s Nice to Have Friends is the fourth Tennyo story by Starwolf, and was released on 2005-01-23. It runs from 2006-09-21 to 2006-10-02. It follows First Day and Other Interesting Things and is followed by Dangerous Days.


When Chaka finds out that Montana caused Tennyo to lose her job, she calls him out in a duel. She wins, but Montana puts her in the hospital, and Tennyo is very angry with him and guilty for getting Chaka into the fight.

Then Tennyo does some more powers testing and gets a new job in the library.

Mr. Lodgeman meets Nikki and freaks out, and Tennyo follows him into the Grove, causing problems with Security. The next day, Tennyo and Fey go into the Grove, where Fey gets more information about the ‘Queen to Come,’ and Tennyo has a dream of the Star Stalker.

The day after that, they meet Sara and try to stop her from being sacrificed.

On Saturday, they get a letter from Jinn saying she has been kidnapped, and start the Breakfast Brawl in an attempt to get her back.

Then Tennyo is asked to do some experiments with antimatter, and the Mystic Corp members come to talk to her.



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