Louise, code name Tesla[1], is a member of Barricade and one of four girls spending most of the 2005-2006 school year trying to entice Scott Emerson, but unfortunately for her he sees her as nothing more than a close friend. She wears large rimless glasses and has a round face, a pointed nose, large brown eyes and parted drab brown hair down to her jawline. Tesla is an energizer and can (apparently) use magnetic fields, among other things to cause vibrations.[1] She rooms with Demona in Whitman Cottage.[2]


Tesla accompanies Widget in her first attempt to do Toni harm, getting gooped up instead.[1]

Tesla uses P74gu3 to attack the Tiger Guards, triggering his devises with one burst of power.[3]

X-O reported that she lost her Fall 2006 Combat Final to Tesla.[4]


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