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The Syndicate is THE world Supervillain organization, spanning over 300 individual villains, as well as its own staff of highly trained mercenaries and support staff.


The Syndicate is a support pact voluntarily joined by many supervillains, in order to reduce conflicts and increase profitability to the individuals. It is not a unifying organization, like most superhero teams, but is instead a confederation that provides services and support as long as members agree to abide by certain precepts.

The Syndicate is lead by its head, currently Dominus, and an Executive Committee.[1]


Real EstateEdit

The Syndicate provides many services related to location and housing of villainous plots, including but not limited to:

  • Temporary Lairs and Bases
  • Hostage holding facilities
  • Henchman Training facilities
  • Front Organization creation assistance
  • Secret Base Acquisition assistance
  • Third Party Referral for Lair Architects


The Syndicate has its own standing forces of guards and henchmen that are hired out on a mercenary basis.

  • Elite Sabertooths - for when you absolutely, positively, need something killed
  • Tiger Guard - for when you want those pesky Special Ops teams out of your hair
  • Blood Legion - for when you need to keep the local SWAT teams occupied
  • Rent-A-Thug - for the Villain on a budget


The Syndicate operates a private intelligence organ that provides members with personal, military, police, criminal, terrorist, financial and logistics intelligence on a par with American Naval Intelligence.

Financing & EquipmentEdit

The Syndicate offers a multitude of services to help in the financing and logistics of running a villainous empire, including:

  • Neutral Third Party Ransom negotiations
  • Evil Plot Financing
  • Exotic Weapon & Equipment Supply
  • Power Item Retrieval
  • Fencing Operations that guarantee a minimum 40 cents on the dollar for the listed price of all stolen goods

Arbitration & ContractorsEdit

The Syndicate provides excellent service as a (mostly) neutral third party arbitrator of:

  • Conflict Arbitration
  • Prison Escape Insurance

As well as providing referral services for world-class:

  • Spies
  • Burglars
  • Saboteurs
  • Assassins
  • Smugglers
  • Forgers
  • Enforcers
  • Weapons Designers
  • Clothing Designers
  • Esoteric Device Designers

and other specialty skill providers.

Independent OperationsEdit

The Syndicate also operates its own facilities and schemes, allowing it to keep costs down and provide things like world-class medical care with no questions asked.

Heroic ResponseEdit

Despite the enormous boost The Syndicate gives villains, it is generally tolerated by Government agencies and Superheroes, because despite the greater difficulty in fighting crime, The Syndicate keeps things like collateral damage and civilian casualties down, meaning, all around, less work for the forces of Good, and less danger to the general population.


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