Scott Emerson, code name Thunderbird.[1]


He is from Kansas, and is 1/4 Native American from the Iowa Tribe.[2]

During his Freshman year Widget, Sizzle, Tesla and Aztecka were all vying for his romantic interest in various ways, all completely without success; he had no clue.[1] Hilarity ensues in the beginning of his sophomore year when Chaka meets him and immediately pounces, pulling the rug out from under all four of them by declaring that she was his girlfriend.

As proof that opposites attract, in February 2007 the newly-female Jobe Wilkins becomes smitten with T-Bird as well, taking an even more direct route than Toni did by demanding flat out that he have sex with her. He politely declines.[3]

He helped write the charter for The Nations, and was elected Tribal Council at the first meeting.[2]


Scott is very attractive even though he is unaware of that fact. He is a bit taller than 5’6”, has an athletic build, platinum blond hair, blue eyes and a long and regular face.[1]


Stereotypical boy scout.[1]


Thunderbird is a mimic and can copy mutant powers with a touch. His physical features stay unchanged. In addition he is also a pseudo-avatar, having captured an attacking Thunderbird later nicknamed Sparky with the mimicked power of a so far unknown avatar when he first became aware of his power.


Sparky is a Native American Thunderbird spirit that Scott bonded with during a thunderstorm in Kansas. Sparky among other things allows him to fly. Sparky doesn't like Scott mimicking Electrical powers.[1]



Fall 2006Edit


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