Timeless is James Bourne's temporary code name. He seems to be locked into a state where he doesn't grow and doesn't need to sleep. He works in Administration as Amelia Hartford's assistant, responsible for data entry, which he seems to have an affinity for.

He is a secret Avatar[1]; Jade knows this, and knows that he can absorb one of the J-Team and recast her into something new, with a far longer duration than Jade can accomplish on her own (pre-mithril ring).[2]

When he accidentally absorbed Jinn he picked up a series of mental images, amongst them some which led him to believe that Jade was attempting to become a boy, wanting that as much as he wished to become a girl.[2] This impression was corrected later on.[3]

He obtains energy directly from his surroundings; this makes it uncomfortable for people to be around him, causing them low-level distress.[1] Spells cast upon him have no impact, he absorbs their energy; he takes advantage of this at times when he is feeling drained, getting a quite "power up" from cooperative Mages[4]

He is associated with a kitten, Whiskers, who has been with him since shortly after the accident where his parents and unborn sister died. Whiskers also seems to be unaging. Wherever he was prior to Whateley, he left Whiskers there, and was surprised when Whiskers greeted him at Whateley; surprised, but very happy. Whiskers was threatened with sacrifice by a worshiper of the Kellith, but Sara rescued Whiskers and made it very clear that animals should not be sacrificed to her.[5] Whiskers provides him with emotional support, for Whiskers clearly loves him.

He appears to be from New Orleans.[1]


Fall 2006Edit


  • Manipulator



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