This is a list of important events from the late 19th and 20th centuries, and possibly earlier. It doesn't (for the moment, possibly ever) include backstories for most of the main characters unless they are also world major events.

Long ago. Really long ago. The great spell that put the Great Old Ones into an eternal sleep also destroyed what was left of Atlantis and the Five Fold Court
1877 Dr. Fielding experiments on children to find the elixir of life. His experiments mostly fail; his miracle drug, Ultra-X-Amine turns out to be a decent hypnotic for most of the children. A few of the children show wild powers before they die. Six of the latter survive to become the Mystic Six. His secret laboratory is never discovered.[1]
1878 Noah Whateley founds Whateley Academy. Mediocre at best, it finally folded in the early 60s due to lack of interest. (The banks foreclosed.)
1900 Gian Han, a Package Deal Psychic (PDP) appears in China. She is the first known mutant with the modern Metagene Complex. Presumably, this is the date she was active, not her birth date.
1919 First recorded superhero fight, the Mystic Six vs Gasman.
1921 Sir Simon DeVille founds DeVille Academy in Lucerne, Switzerland.
1920s Dark Avenger active in New York. Police claim he's an urban legend.
1930s The existence of Preter-human powers forces itself on the scientific community. Dr. Helmholtz starts formal research.
1950s The Child Labor laws are extended to forbid Superhero Sidekicks as being unsafe. There are a number of loopholes.
Late 1950-1961 Old Whateley Academy foreclosed by the banks.
February 1, 1962 The Whateley Academy Trust takes control of the husk of the old Whateley Academy, and turns it into a place where mutant kids can be safely instructed in the use of their powers.
1962 Lieber Report states that about 20% of all humans with preter-human powers have them as the result of a mutation rather than external causes (e.g. being bitten by a radioactive gerbil.)
1963 Javier Magnusson publishes "The Next Master Race", a piece of fear-inspiring rabble rousing.
June 10, 1963 James Diedrick (Maelstrom) interred at ARC after being defeated by the Mystic Six. Maelstrom's partner (Tearaway) had psychologically scarred the young Helen Hilton (later Helen Goodkind) for life by eating her sister in front of her.
1964 Mutant Commission Office (MCO) founded as a scientific information clearinghouse and research institute.
Fall 1966 Classes start at the new Whateley Academy[2]. The first Headmaster is the legendary Dr. Alexander.
Spring 1970 First class graduates who had been at Whateley for all four years.
1970s Nikola Tesla's notes deciphered at MIT resulting in low energy cost force fields and other applications.
Sometime Someone invented anti-gravity, but who hasn't been defined. It's the science that lets things like dropships exist. For what are probably sound engineering reasons, the technology has never entered the mainstream consumer market.
1972 Mutant Riots.
1979 Dr. Alexander retires as Headmaster of Whateley Academy. In the next three years, he's followed by a series of 7 headmasters who simply can't cut it.
1982 Mrs Elizabeth Carson (Lady Astarte) is appointed acting headmistress of Whateley Academy. She begins making what she regards as necessary changes. After all, since she's only acting, she can't be fired.
1987 Black Monday stock market crash. Engineered by elements of the Whateley Class of 1987, but never traced back to them. Fortunately. Note the date discrepancy - The Class of '87 would have graduated and dispersed by October 19th. In any case, scholarship funds have never been a problem since.
1989 Lady Astarte becomes the permanent Headmistress of Whateley Academy. She had been the acting headmistress for several years.
April 1, 1991 The Fools Fight. Battery vs Entropy, destroyed the First City Irregulars as a team, and was a major factor behind Humanity First! and the empowerment of the MCO as a police organization.
1993 Frankfort train derailment contributes to the "mutant problem".
1994 Indonesian Tsunami makes mutants an international issue.
1995 Mutant Commission Office gets international policing authority by individual charters in each country.
1996 Mutant reporting requirements in place.
Christmas, 1997. Darwin Rager's Night incident. Legend of the Dragonslayers starts, although this was actually the fourth assignment for the "Equalizer" unit.[3]
December 16, 2006 The real Braeburn Report is delivered to Dr. Amos Messing, of the Amazing Three.


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