Not all Whateley students are super-powerful. Some of the low powered students have banded together for friendship and protection from bullies, forming the Underdogs. They have a hideout in the tunnels under Whitman.




Class of 2007Edit

Class of 2008Edit


  • Glass[5] - Darlene[2], turns into glass, or transparent like glass, depending upon the story
  • Lucille[6] - nicknamed "Mom"[2]. "Sort of a psychic. She can sculpt things with her hands, like, without tools and stuff."[6]
  • Sharpie[2]
  • Sue[6] - Ex-1

Class of 2009Edit

Class of 2010Edit

Two of the girls' codenames are Wiggle[3] and Dismiss[3], but I'm not sure which one is which; we do know its Lucille and Trish, just not which is which; they live in Whitman.

The Faerie Queen Appreciation SocietyEdit

Some of the Underdogs have formed the Fey Fan Club, which is exactly what it sounds like. Fey is rather embarrassed about it when she finds out that it exists. The members we know of are Anna, Rhiannon, Sue, and Lucille.[6]


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