It’s a high school — there’s GOT to be a Fashion Club! This overlaps with (or possibly is composed of, it isn't clear) the students doing modeling as their on-campus job.

The Venus Inc. Club House is located in Dunn Hall.[1] They share props and costumes with the Theater Department.[2]

They have an unnamed Combat Team, that has Poise, Lifeline, and a couple of blasters on it.[3]



Class of 2006Edit

Class of 2007Edit

  • Poise Leader. Helpful, gracious.

Class of 2008Edit

  • Heartbreaker Bitter, ruthless, formerly ugly. (hates bullies, sympathy for underdogs)
  • Solange Bitter, ruthless, formerly ugly. (but no redeeming qualities)

Class of 2009Edit

Class of 2010Edit


  • Loophole provides photography services to the group.[2]
  • Lancer has helped them out by donning a tuxedo for a shoot of dancewear, but he has not joined.[2]
  • Pejuta is currently being recruited.


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