The Wild Bunch is the nickname given by Whateley Security to a team assembled by Fey and Razorback to assist The Grove and the Medawihla Were Tribe in fighting the Voodoo Wolves attacks of December 2006. Following the main battle on 7th December, Bardue instructed them to meet him in the Sims at 5am each morning for combat tactical training.


The membership of the Wild Bunch expanded over the course of its existence.

Sat 2nd DecEdit

On December 2nd, the team was formed with its three initial members.

  • Razorback - had been relaxing in The Grove when he found a pack waiting to ambush Fey.
  • Fey - joined the battle when returning to campus from the Were village.
  • Carmilla - recruited by Fey on their return, initially to research The Bastard (via Gothmog and The Cult) then to provide backup combat assistance.

Sun 3rd DecEdit

On December 3rd it was quickly expanded with an additional three members.

  • Jericho - brought in by Razor to assist healing.
  • Chaka - brought in by Fey to pre-empt her following anyway.
  • Bladedancer - sensed something was up, followed the others into The Grove.

The GroveEdit

Once they'd been recruited, Fey took all except Carmilla through The Grove to introduce them to the Weres. Once in The Grove, it explained its reasoning for 'choosing' them:

  • The Queen (Fey) with all her arrogance in power.
  • The Healer (Jericho), the Angel of Mercy with his doubts and belief in the material to balance that.
  • The Champion and Bard (Razorback), full of tempers and inexplicable rages.
  • The Mistress of Chi (Chaka) – Life Force, to ease the Champion's internal suffering and outward bellicosity.
  • The Overseer of Balances (Bladedancer) to hold the rest of you into coherency as a functioning group.

Wed 6th DecEdit

On December 6th, two members of the Grunts encountered the Voodoo Wolves near Range 4. After engaging the Voodoo Wolves in a fierce firefight, they were inducted in to the team.

Auxiliary SupportEdit

In addition to the Wild Bunch themselves (and Security), there are also a few students who monitor the perimeter of campus and deal with any intruders:

  • Tennyo - during the initial battle, saved a member of Security (Corwell) from four Voodoos on the North Perimeter by reaching out with some form of energy that dissolves them into another form of energy she finds nourishing. She was recruited to stay on campus and inform Security if she detected Voodoo Wolves nearby, rather than joining the main fighting team (to minimise the risk of collateral damage).
  • Eldritch - Bardue suspected that once she heard of the combat, she wouldn't be able to resist joining in. Initially acted as a sniper on a small hill near Poe during the main battle (Thu 7th Dec), then used her rifle as a club when she ran out of ammunition.
  • Deadeye - provided sniper backup from the roof of Poe during the main battle.

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