Winter by Elaborate

Marian Kilgareth-Donnehammer, code name Winter, is a member of the Bad Seeds.[1] Her mother is an arsonist named Firetrap[2] and her father a mercenary named Darkstrom,[2] and she herself had apparently committed some felonies with them before coming to Whateley.

Nevertheless she wants to join the Cape Squad, but due to her background and possibly her attitude she had not been given a chance until She-Beast arranged for her to be rushed.[3] However, she failed the trial.[4]

She thinks well of herself, beauty-wise, and is taken quite aback when Robert Rose prefers Nacht, especially when he waxes truly eloquent.[5]


She seems to have weather-based powers, being able to evoke cold wind finely and strongly enough to use it to "[lift] herself and her own considerable pile of luggage up into the air and down [a] stairwell."[2]

And possibly related ice powers, as She-Beast says Winter would be a suspect if the police were "looking for someone with ICE powers!”[2]


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