Witchcat's real name has not been revealed yet.

She is in both the Mystic Arts and the Psychic Arts programs. She needs to take the course Intro to Mystic Concepts in winter term 2007 because someone interfered with her term final project.[1]


She has long dark hair and icy blue eyes[1]


She has a PK force field, can send a black bird capable of conveying messages and changing into a cat forth from her mouth. She also can do something that makes her eyes glow with power, makes it more difficult to walk towards her, and can't be copied by Counterpoint's Power Mimic abilities.[1] Counterpoint wondered if maybe she was some sort of supernatural entity:

“I can’t copy that… What ARE you? A Vrykolas? An Empusa? Strygoi? Lamia, maybe? Some pathetic Avatar, housing some wretched little darkling that doesn’t know its proper place in the cosmos?”


Fall 2006Edit

Winter 2007Edit


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