Zaiyan's real name has not been revealed yet.


He is a member of the Power Rangers, Whateley's resident anime otaku. He personally identifies with the Dragon Ball character Son Gokū and derives his code name from the name of that character's species, Saiyan. Apparently he has a strong death-wish.


He is a six foot tall dark-haired Hispanic with olive complexion and extremely muscular.


Zaiyan can use his energizer powers to enhance his strength, speed and durability.


To date (10/13/2010) he has not been referenced by name. However, the Power Rangers attended the 2006 Halloween Dance as the cast from Tenchi Muyō!, and their Yōshō matched the description of Zaiyan in the 2005 Bible seed materials given above.[1]

Seed InformationEdit

From the Old Cliques page of the Old Wiki, which is original seed info.

  • Zaiyan (2M) Goku-energizer for strength, speed, durability. Strong death-wish.


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