Zhong Lau (real name unknown) is the current Master of Dragons in the Dragons Martial Arts Club.[1] He's an Avatar (AV-5) with a dragon spirit, as well as being an Exemplar 4.[2] He's a Sophomore at the Fall 2006 Combat Finals.[2]


MID as of 2006-12-13:[2]

Mutant Identification Card
Code name ZHONG LAU
Ratings Exemplar-4
Avatar- 5
Techniques Dragon Spirit
Shao-Lin Dragon-style Kung Fu
Extreme Durability
Limited Flight
‘Dragon Claw’ Attack
Weak vs Vulnerable spot
Backup / Team Affiliation 'Dragons' Martial Arts Club


Fall 2005Edit

Spring 2006Edit

  • Bricks and the Ultra-Dense: Grace under Pressure[2]


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